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Original title: Oscar winner, The Tiger Leopard Bully writer died in New York

Reporter Teng Chao On November 16, the local time of the United States, according to the Washington Post report, died in New York at the age of 87 by the famous Hollywood writer William Goldman. According to William Goldman's daughter Jenny Goldman, the cause of her father's death is a complication of colorectal cancer and pneumonia.

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William Goldman left many classic works for Hollywood as a screenwriter. In 1970, he won Oscar for Best Original Screenplay entitled "The Tiger and the Leopard." In 1977 he won Oscar's best adaptation with the "presidential team". Script. He also created Dream Dream (1977), Dangerous Ten Days (1990), Chaplin (1992), Heart of Atlantis (2001) and other film scenarios. William Goldman thinks: "The writer is the foundation of everything. If you have crappy scripts, even if you have Bergman, Fellini or David Ryan, it does not work."

William Goldman is also a scriptwriter who has done some unnamed works for many scenarios. He worked as a scriptwriter of Matt Matton and Ben Affleck's "Psychic Catcher" and proposed reducing the unnecessary secondary FBI episode. William Goldman specifically thanked in the final winnings of the film.

In addition to his work as a screenwriter, William Goldman is a writer who wrote 10 novels in 20 years. In an interview he said: "I really like everyone who is just a scriptwriter." Film "Drilling" 1976, "Drying" in 1986 and Jason Statham with the title "Rage" The organs are all adapted from his novels.

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