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2019-01-11 14:12:26 Source: Football Europe and USA

The original title: CEO of the old club: Suo Shengwei and the Manchester United deal that will return to Norway in May

According to Mourinho's class, Manchester United quickly announced that Solskjaer became the intermediate coach of the team. After the appearance, Manchester United also showed a completely different spirit and achieved five consecutive victories in all competitions. . Under these circumstances, Solskjaer became the most popular topic among the mainstream media and enthusiasts, but has recently been interviewed with the senior director of the Molde Club Soltkayo Oystein-Nerland club. They then said they did not reach any agreement with Manchester United on Solskjaer's longtime coach, Red Devil, and said that Solskjay will return to Norway in May this year.

"The deal with Manchester United is until May 12. This is our plan A and plan B. We do not have Plan C." Oystein-Nerland said in an interview for the media, "I only spoke to Manchester United, and from January to May there is nothing else, I will stick with this plan and I think that Solskjaer will return in May. It's not hard to find that if Manchester United really wants to change the positive position in May, maybe Manchester United should continue to communicate with Molde.

At the same time, Nerland gave a high score to Solskjaer: "In our opinion, Solskjaer is an advocate of offensive. In his philosophy, 4-2 better than 1. -0 is much better because he is an active trainer who is very easy to recognize and clearly think about , how good to play, has a strong overall concept and is also good in dealing with one player. There is no doubt that he will succeed in Manchester United. He understands Manchester United's history and connotation and is ready to continue with this. legend of the club.

It is important to note that, according to previous reports in the media, if Manchester United wants to contact Solskjaer, pay Molde's £ 7.2 million compensation. Of course, this fee is nothing to Manchester United, but at that moment, the chairman of the board, Molde, revealed to the media that there was no deal with Manchester United, except for a lease contract. You need to think about the future selection of the coach, and in the end, in May, your eyes will blink.

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