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Scientists have discovered a new exoplanet called "hot Neptune", in which an explane named Gliese 3470b loses its atmosphere at an incredible pace.from

. Hot Neptune is very rare, and scientists are wondering why this is happening.

This explosive, which quickly drains the atmosphere, leads to a new hypothesis, which may be the reason that hot Neptune rarely finds, evaporates the atmosphere and becomes most commonly known, known as mini-Neptune. Planet. Gliese 3470b is a giant planet of size and mass Neptune or Uranus. He is closer to his star than the Earth to the Sun.

Being close to the main star means that the temperature of the hot planet Neptune is within 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Gliese 3470b is not the first explant you could lose, but it's the fastest. Scientists say the Gliese 3470b loses its atmosphere at 100 times the speed of other exoplanets.

If the 3470b is still evaporating at this stage, scientists say that over time, it could become a mini-Neptune or super-earth in just billions of years. This is very fast on Galaxy timeline. The team plans to continue research on the 3470b by James Webb, launched in 2021.

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