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“Meet in Beijing” for the stadium’s birthday and surprise the Korean players


“Meet in Beijing” for the stadium’s birthday and surprise the Korean players

2021-10-10 11:42:03Source: Beijing Youth Daily

On October 9, the China Open 2021 speed skating “Meet in Beijing” took place on the second day of competition. In the men’s 1,000-meter dash, South Korean athlete Kim Jun-ho finally won in that category. Although he was a bit disappointed that he did not win the championship, he experienced an unexpected surprise after the match. As the day of the game coincided with his 26th birthday, the organizing committee gave him a “special” birthday party that played Korean. Kim Jun-ho’s birthday song was played on the big screens by volunteers in Korean, Kim Jun-ho’s birthday was enough to impress him.

In the men’s 1,000-meter competition, the Korean and Dutch athletes fared very well, and compared to most of his teammates, this time Kim Jun-ho is considered the most experienced Korean team in Beijing and is also older. Kim Jun-ho seemed very excited to be able to celebrate his birthday on the pitch on such a special day. He said, “It’s my first birthday at the playground, so I’ll never forget such a happy moment.”

Connoisseurs of speed skating should not be too familiar with the name Kim Jun-ho. Although 26 years old, he is still one of the outstanding athletes of the Korean team in recent years. In fact, he is better in the 500-meter race than in the 1000-meter race. In the Four Continents World Cup 2019-2020, he was crowned champion; he also won a men’s 500m gold medal at the World Cup in Minsk the same year.

After winning a silver medal in this test competition, his goal has actually become clearer, that is, to ensure his own condition over the next 100 days while at the same time improving his results as much as possible and striving to continue to have good results in Winter Olympics.


How the icebreaker volunteers awarded the “most beautiful business card”

“The smile of the volunteers is the most beautiful business card of Beijing.” In the series of winter events “Meet in Beijing” in 2021 at a test in the state speed skating hall, people again saw the behavior of the volunteers. Their meticulous work provides comfort to participating athletes, coaches and media workers.

Volunteers are screened and trained

Although he is the head of the volunteer service, Li Xiwen, the volunteer head of the national speed skating stadium, prefers to be considered a member of the volunteer service because his job is to help recruit volunteers in more than 20 business areas at the stadium and training. This means that the young faces we can see in the stadium are basically after being examined and trained by his department before they finally appeared in front of everyone.

In general, large-scale event volunteers are divided mainly into two categories: professional volunteers and general volunteers, and Li Xiwen was responsible for recruiting and training general volunteers. According to him, to ensure that the volunteers participating in the service could welcome the arrival of the event in the best condition, from October 1, he led the team to conduct 6 trainings for all volunteers covering the entire place. Introduction, field research, psychological counseling, ways to prevent epidemics, how to register and other precautions, etc.

Cautious girls and strong boys show their strength

It is actually very interesting for the outside world what features and characteristics are valued in the process of hiring volunteers, especially in a newly built stadium full of technology such as a national speed skating stadium, will there be special requirements? In this regard, Li Xiwen said: “Since we are responsible for all the work in recruitment, I will first ask the person in charge of the business department in question what talent they need. We will first carry out the full deployment of these volunteers according to their needs. and then recruit according to the specific situation.Simply put, it is to make the best use of materials and make the best use of talent.For example, for volunteers in the registration center, we may need more careful female students, part of the volunteers responsible for field management , but he may need more guys with better fitness. “

According to a reporter from the Beijing Youth Diary, many of the students who volunteered at the state speed skating stadium had previously had experience attending the April test. “We can say that they have gained enough experience. Six months ago. And it is even more commendable that they have improved and grown in just a few months, and they have passed this experience on to other students, so the whole volunteer team has new acquisitions and improvements. as much as we hope to see. When the Winter Olympics are over, this kind of transition and bringing effect will play a bigger role, “Li Xiwen said. In addition, it should be noted that there are many student volunteers from various faculties and universities. Among them, more than 50% have experience with voluntary services. These valuable experiences also allowed them to finally stand out and become one of the volunteers who showed up at the speed skating hall.

“Beyond” the smile and “rooting” the arena

The eighth is the first day of competition of this trial event, but they have been working intensively for these volunteers for 9 days now. To allow these students to relax and adjust, Li Xiwen’s 8th noon is her 8th birthday. the party was specially organized at the volunteer’s home, and according to the volunteers, because of this feeling of going home, they were able to “take root” and serve here. These young volunteers laughed sweetly while eating cakes and brought a smile to the Winter Olympics.This group of articles / our rapporteur Zhang Kunlong

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