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Xinhua News Agency, Harbin, March 25 Tian Tian's focus Intelligentization facilitates farming – listening to science and technology in the Black Land

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Dr. Agronomy stepped into the field for the management of fertilization, the choice of plants and explanations protect the black soil, extensive agricultural machinery, equipped with information brains, fine sowing was not bad, rice intelligent germination, a letter from the original method of Shantou ………

During the spring plowing and plowing, walking around the Black Land, a new piece of science and technology, it presents a new picture of "grain-fixing on the soil that hides the grain in technology".

Fertilization with doctoral guidance technology

Li Yanmei sent a recommended card for fertilization on the soil to Zhang Shumin, the president of the fourth May planting plant in the city of Iraha in Nenjiang district of Heilongjiang province during the harvest season of agricultural raw materials. They both came to the field to see the feeling of the ground.

Li Yanmei is head of the soil and fertilizer station at the Nenjiang District Agricultural Technology Promotion Center and in 2009 received a Ph.D. in Northeastern Agricultural University. In the past ten years, Li Yanmei is the most heavily burdened in the spring, and some farmers will be consulted when they encounter problems in agriculture. Li Yanmei has almost 100 farmers' friends on the mobile phone.

"According to soil analysis, this pot of potassium chloride can be reduced, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are reduced by a certain proportion, planted according to green standards and reduce soil compaction." Li Yanmei said that if there is no deep-pitched plot, it should not end. Sowing technology, drought in the spring, can reduce water loss and play a role in moisture.

Initially Zhang Shumin still wanted to use the land preparation and listened to Li Yanmei's opinion. For weight loss, Zhang Shumin said that the previous application of fertilizer is based on experience, it seems that the production of fertilizer will go up, but the fertilizer can be increased a lot, but the production is not up. This year, Zhang Shumin decided to change his old ideas.

To lead farmers to prepare for science and technology, this year the Nenjiang County Agricultural Technology Department is composed of 5 agricultural technology service departments with a total of 29 agricultural technicians. Li Yanmei is the head of one of the teams who has just returned from the countryside and said that farmers are ready for agricultural technology, and her duty is to serve the farmers well.

"Smart Farm Machine" Exact cultivation

People are busy in the morning, they repair agricultural machines and prepare for farming. In the courtyard of modern agricultural cooperatives Hualin in Sunwu district of Heilongjiang province, large agricultural machinery is arranged in a row. Wu Dexian, chairman of the cooperative, has refurbished agricultural machinery and said that the previous four-wheeled land was used, and now it is a large agricultural machine equipped with a satellite navigation system.

"For example, an automatic precision seeder will enter a line spacing and spacing into the steering system without taking the steering wheel." Accuracy, reduction of seed waste and saving of planting costs.

Large agricultural machinery is equipped with information-based brain, which has become an important guarantee for improving the quality and efficiency of breeding. The modern agricultural cooperative Fenghe of Xunke County, Heilongjiang Province, has purchased two automatic seeders, and the director of the cooperative, Hou Baozhu, said that the use of intelligent large-scale agricultural machinery has led to the transformation of traditional spring agricultural production from extensive to refined, precise and targeted data. , laying the foundation for bumper harvest.

In the area of ​​Heilongjiang reconstruction, many farms have the world's largest agricultural equipment, equipped with the Beidou navigation satellite system, remote sensing system, etc. These technologies include satellite positioning, automatic navigation, precise sowing and variable fertilization that can complete deep pine. Six operations, such as shallow turning, land preparation, sowing, aggregation and control, have reached 100% mechanization from farming to harvesting.

Modern technology transforms traditional farming methods of black soil from hay farming to large agricultural navigation satellites.

Intelligent germination

Right after the spring equinox, in the village of Jiuyang, in the city of Jiusheng, in Qing county, although the plug was not open, farmers began to work with rice. A member of Sun Guang, Sun Guang Rice, who professionally borrowed farmers, sent rice seed to the intelligent Jiuhong Rice Garden Intelligent workshop.

Sun Guang said that in the past everything was at the top of the hoe and the heat was uneven and the helicopters were uneven. Compared to the past, intelligent irrigation and germination is handy and carefree, it lasts only 10 days from irrigation to hardening, saving from 2 to 3 days, buds, buds and buds are strong, giving a solid foundation for growing strong seedlings.

The germination box is aligned, each box is approximately 3 meters wide and it is about 2 meters high. The temperature and humidity display is located outside the box. According to Qi Honga, technical director of Jiuhong rice parks, strict requirements are subject to stringent water temperature requirements, each box has several temperature probes and the temperature probe data is transferred to the display and then transferred to the computer. , manual control to achieve a constant temperature.

It is understandable that Jiuhong rice garden is the largest base for rice breeding in the Qing district, each time it melts 500 tons, it is expected intelligent irrigation and germination of 200,000 rice fields.

Heilongjiang Province is China's largest Chinese production base for rice. In recent years, the landscape has constantly improved the scientific and technological content of rice production, but now the number of intelligent basins for irrigation and germination in the landscape has reached more than 1000, so that rice and germination from small agriculture to a new level of intelligent production.


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