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Lilac Garden responds to the sale of "high price cartridges": Medical Equipment Unit Prices with service fee | Medical equipment

Original address: Lilac Garden responded with the sale of "high price cartridges": medical equipment

At the end of 2018, a gay cock published an article from the media that asked Quana Jiana and the products he sold, which caused public concern.

On January 11, in a net article, he pointed out that although the price of a "bone" cartridge for Liyuan Garden is a high price, the "Orthopedic Insert" sold by an outpatient clinic under the Lila Garden is the price of 1980 RMB. The cost of a health insurance is almost twice as high. The article shows that the rover nominated the right to acquire a larger market for his products.

In response, a public relations officer Lila Gardens replied to the journalist of Pekinške novice on January 12 that the garden kid is a private health institution and that the price of the "orthopedic cartridge" also includes a fee for further monitoring of the product. In addition, the "orthopedic cartridge" is not an internal cartridge, but a national medical device with the appropriate qualifications introduced in the first half of 2018. The staff was referred to as "nonsense" for the supply system for its own products.

The picture is an orthopedic cartridge. Screenshot of the Weibo screen

The net text refers to a cockroach that attacks the real health system for its products

On December 25, 2018, Clove published the article "Ten Thousand Medical Empires and the Chinese Shady Family", calling into question the price of the "bone base" input of Quanjian products.

More recently, the WeChat publicly published article entitled "Walking and Singing" published an article titled "We all know that fangs will grow in the yard garden, but I did not expect it to be so fast," the online sale of an outpatient clinic under a garden machine. "Orthopedic cartridges" were questioned.

According to the article, the lilac garden of Quan Jianyi, one concern is the "high price", that is, the "bone base" input is the price of 1068 yuan. The discount has a discount at the time of sale, and the purchase price is about seven or eight. In fact, the purple clinic owned by Lilac Garden also sold an "orthopedic cartridge" on the Internet, which is also expensive at $ 1980, almost twice as much as the purchase price of Quanjian cartridges. The article believes that the power of the attack garden is to make their products more marketable.

The website also featured news that Lilac Garden noticed before, and in September 2018, the Xinhua news agency reported that the cost of the correction treatment fee sold by the Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, 2,650 yuan , and the supplier is supplied. The price is only 260 yuan. This suggests that the inner pedestal sold by the lilac garden can be sold at a high price, but not by blaming others.

On January 12, a Beijing journalist did not investigate the inner cartridge on the platform of the Violet Clinic.

Cactus clinic (Hangzhou Binjiang store) official website screenshot

Answer: "Orthopedic cartridge" is a fully qualified medical device

On January 12, Lila's public relations officer Lila told the Beijing News reporter that the "orthopedic cartridge" mentioned in the text is not an internal contribution.

The employee said that "orthopedic cartridges" sold in the garden of the profession are not sold to the general population. Previously, the clinic showed only the product, and the price on the screen was not the uniform price of the product, and the specific price would be based on a medical assessment and measurement, and the price will be calculated after reading the points. Therefore, you should only adjust the medicine according to your doctor's assessment before you can use it. "The price is not set at 1980 yuan."

According to a document sent to the Beijing News journalist from Lilac Garden, the product uses an imported 100% EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) material, a professionally designed custom insert, which is more suitable for the needs of the disease. The purchase of an orthopedic cartridge needs to be evaluated at the clinic, otherwise the internal cartridge can not be adjusted according to the state of the user. Depending on the condition of the foot of the individual, the doctor assesses 360 degrees foot and foot development (including scoliosis, walking analysis, pelvic assessments, biomechanical analysis of the lower limbs, assessment of the development of the bow and pressure test). Adapted inserts for individual foot conditions, one-to-one professional tracking helps improve the effect of treatment. Although remote evaluation is possible, distance assessment can not obtain custom data inputs.

If the "bone basal" insides and insides in the Jiangsu hospital are "prized cartridges", is the "orthopedic cartridge" of the cockroach at a similar price also a "high price cartridge"? In this regard, staff did not respond directly, but said that the yogurt clinic was a private health institution that did not enjoy financial subsidies and tax incentives for public hospitals. Private health facilities are complemented by public health institutions, and clinics of wedges are more representative of the professional value of doctors, which includes in particular the cost of services for later products.

The employee said that the price of the "orthopedic cartridge" is floating like the shoulders. "The materials and needs are different and the price is high. When you use orthopedic inserts, you go to the clinic to see how the condition is adjusted."

The staff said that the manufacturer had an "orthopedic cartridge" with complete competence in the production of medical equipment and that various documents on the outpatient clinic platform were also complete and could sell related products.

In response to the online "aggressive power, it is to enter their own products on the market," the staff said it was "nonsense".

Record of the first Hangzhou City Medical Data Disclosure Form

Follow-up: This product has been filed in the appropriate section

It is understood that the state implements the archiving system for the class of medical devices.

The staff of the aforementioned public relations department at the Stroke Bar provided a qualification for the production of medical devices "Beijing Orthopedic Insole" to the Beijing News reporter, a record number of Zhejiang Hangfang equipment no. 20180125. On 12 January, a Beijing News reporter, on the official website of the Market Surveillance Authority of Hangzhou, examined the existence of a registration number and the product name was a medical externally fixed bracketing. The official website information shows that this product is published in the first-class medical devices bringing information from Hangzhou, and the product is manufactured by Hangzhou Foot Science Technology Co., Ltd.

The rapporteur noted that Hangzhou Foot Science is a scientific and technological medical company specializing in human biomechanics.

Fan Jingyi, deputy director of the Department of Orthopedics, a children's hospital in Beijing, told reporters that a true orthopedic insert should be diagnosed by a doctor, and then professional orthopedic manufacturers can pedal and mechanically analyze the planting force and then carry out personal production. The internal cartridge sold by Quanjian is not a corrective device, no individual design, no legal procedure for repairing the appliance, it is not comparable with orthopedic inserts.

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