Jingdong responded to a drop in the price of an iPhone approved by Apple, Suning said that the offer at the end of the year – Sina.com


  1. Jingdong responded to Apple's lowering of the price of an iPhone, and Suning said that the end of the year is the offer of Sina
  2. iPhone price cut hit: Jingdong iPhone 8 / 8P price is lower than official price for more than a thousand dollars – Apple iPhone cnBeta
  3. Full tuning of the price of the channel on the iPhone, the biggest drop of 450 yuan Ai Faner ยท Leave the future at your fingertips
  4. Apple "panic"? In China, price reductions are the biggest "down" 1200! Ecommerce activity late in the evening
  5. Foreign media Tucao: Apple made the wrong desire on the iPhone XR – Apple iPhone cnBeta
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