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"Insight" probe Mars will "gently" touch the ground – Technology News


2018-11-26 02:21:08 Source: Technology Daily

Scientific and Technological Daily, Beijing, November 25 (Reporter Fang Linlin) The official website of the State Administration for Aeronautics and Space (NASA) announced that the Mars probe "InSight" will land on the surface of Mars on November 26, the United States. . Engineers now closely monitor health and driving status information of the Insights and monitor the weather report in Mars to determine whether the preparation for landing should be finalized.

InSight is an abbreviation for "internal research using seismic research, geodesy and heat transfer". "Insight" began as the first mission in the depths of Mars and began on May 5 this year. Before landing, he will enter the top of the marine atmosphere at a speed of 19,800 kilometers per hour and slowly descend to 8 kilometers per hour before the three legs land on the surface of Mars, which corresponds to the speed of human running. This rapid deceleration should be completed in less than 7 minutes.

Robo Grevor, head of the launch and landing mission, said: "We can not manipulate landing, and we must rely on pre-programmed commands. In the past years, we tested the plan and met other landing agents, Mars. We will continue to pay attention until" Insight " enters the landing zone of Elysium Planitia. "

The Marine Marine Institute Marco Anna Marinan said that two system satellites were tested to test interstar communication relays and are currently preparing for the next test. If everything goes well, MarCO can take a few seconds to receive and process the data, and then transfer it back to Earth at the speed of light. This means that NASA can tell people what the landlord did during the descent and landing after 8 minutes of landing.

When it is known that the detector is securely in place, it must be verified that this milestone and the "insight" sunken are correctly arranged. If everything goes well, NASA will enter into a three-month process of carefully introducing scientific instruments.

Laurie Gretz, Acting Director of Planetary Science at NASA headquarters, said that we look forward to the mission after landing. When "Insight" will be saved on the red planet, it will begin to gather valuable information about the internal structure of Mars, which will help us. Learn about the formation and development of rocky planets, including the Earth.

The previous mission did not go underground to Mars, but now scientists can not wait to explore the core of Mars.

Chief editor

From the Mars atmosphere, to the surface topography of Mars, to the running water on Mars, scientists have achieved important achievements in studying this planet. "Engrave" will gather valuable information about its internal structure after the landing of Mars, which will undoubtedly lead scientists to continue studying Mars, and the human cognitive boundaries of this red planet will continue to expand. I hope that "Insight" can also send good news from a remote space to the Earth, such as a "coveted" detector.

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