Huang Xiaolei returns to Chongqing and promotes new film "Buying Soul" – Great earthquake, yes, I think, still – Chongqing Morning News


2019-01-09 11:01:00 Source: Chongqing Morning News

Huang Xiaolei received an exclusive interview with the media. Journalist Zhang Jinqi

This newspaper (Chongqing Morning News, upstream news reporter Kong Lingqiang) "Welcome the audience in your home town!" Yesterday in the afternoon, a warm and inspiring film "Buying a Soul" was released in Chongqing, in which Huang Xiaolei performed after the main creative meeting and audience. There was an exchange. Huang Xiaolei was born in Chongqing when he comes to use the Chongqing dialect to greet the audience in his home town.

The "Buying Soul" is based on the Wenchuan earthquake and is based on the "Savior's" novel by writer Li Xiwei, which will be officially released on January 11th. The film tells the story of a couple who were accused of death due to the death of the only child in the earthquake, and the meeting of another boy, who is similar to his child, left three traumatic stories. In the film, Wang Xun and Huang Xiaolei, two players from Sichuan and Chongqing, combined their feelings about the Wenchuan earthquake and devoted their performances to the film to the past.

In recent years, film and television works by Huang Xiaolei have gone away, spending more time monitoring their children. "Buying a soul" refers to a family that has lost a family. It's also about socializing with children. "Huang Xiaolei, who was my mother, was especially impressed by this. In 2018, Huang Xiaolei completed the" Soul Savior "and spent 8 months. You can travel with children to many places at home and abroad." What the child needs is , accompanied by a heart, not just his side, to communicate with the child. "

Huang Xiaolei was born in Wanzhou: "I grew up on the edge of the Yangtze River. I still remember that when I was a child, a lot of water. We often sat in the pool and swam in the water. My childhood was the biggest at the spring festival in Chongqing. " Chongqing is now the most popular film and television shooting space, and Huang Xiaolei said that if he had the opportunity to return to his home town to film the film, "I want to make a film about women in Chongqing. hoping to tell the truth. "


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