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Original title: He is the coach of the World Cup, he wants to become a national football coach, the conditions are very demanding!

In the whole Chinese national football, there are many world-class trainers coming to the coach but happy to be disappointed, such as Schlapner, Horton, Alihan, Dujkovic, Camacho, Perrin, Lippi, are not world-class trainers, but everyone in China has collapsed and only Milu succeeded in China.

Today's Lippi can only hit the day of the monk, already passed! It's not that his level of training is not good, but his level is too strong. China's men's football team can not understand the ability. University professors teach children in kindergarten. How can this be done?

We also know that Lippi will leave China after the end of the Asian Cup next year, and then who will be the coach of Chinese men's football after Lippi, this will be a hot spot. Although Chinese football is a bench in the water, a lot of people are running for money. And drowned, this marshal of the world class is thinking about coaching in China. Who is he?

He was the former French coach of Domenech, who did not have much fame when he was a player. Instead of reaching his ultimate life, the head coach led the unbeaten French team and finally won the World Cup, his proud student. Like Zidane, Henry, Trezeguet, Saha, etc., he was cultivating, which shows that his strength is no worse than Lipni.

However, he has two conditions: first, of course, he is listening to the Chinese Football Association. What aspects of listening to him? The first is, of course, that many players are allowed to play abroad, and the other is to introduce a coach at a great price, it is better to hire a director for training young people who are very demanding, but they pointed to the feet of Chinese men's football. It is not without the opportunity to go from Asia to take over the World Cup. How to ask him to prepare for the training?

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