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Happiness in hard sci-fi is defeated by high prices –

"Traveling country" counterattack The entire box office is still not as good as last year's 2019 spring festival –

Happiness in hard sci-fi

Before Guo Fanov's "Wandering Earth" he directed only two films, "Adventures Li Xianji" and "You on the same table", so there were not many people before the release of the sci-fi movie "The Wandering Earth". "A lot of hope" will be, and also Guo Fan said that he is the only hope that this film will not lose money. "Because money is not lost, Chinese scientific films can continue."

As a result, "Wandering Earth" everything back, in three days, the cumulative cashier overtake "Crazy Alien", the 2019 Spring Festival box box champion has changed hands, "Wandering Earth" has become the big winner of this year's Spring Festival cash desk. According to the trend of the Spring Festival in 2018, the box office of this year's seven-day holiday should exceed the record 5,738 billion yuan last year, but excessively high prices have become "roadblocks", while the box office and movie followers have risen and then crushed. The fall in the box office, the total amount of the box office at the Spring Festival is probably less than last year.


Somebody got out of here to get on the market

Known as "the first year of Chinese science fiction films" in 2019, "Wandering Earth" is a "milestone". When he watched "Terminator 2", director Guo Fan buried the seeds of sci-fi film and after many years did not expect the realization of dreams. He said at the premiere: "From the middle of 2015, they were ready until the present, four years, like the marathon race. Before that I ran, but I can not see the end. Finally, this unclear final point is clear today. the moment we can cross the finish line. "

Films from science fiction represent the establishment of industrial criteria for the national film market and the film industry. Because sci-fi films are difficult to record, the production of large sci-fi films requires the support of the entire industrial system. The substantive text is more important because it takes into account the relationship and plots of characters, but the real "hard science fiction" can allow the audience to think outside the party. Therefore, filmmakers say that China needs to record hard science fiction films, but who breaks the door and invests, many people will start to measure. Guo Fan, who is not profoundly qualified, wants to record "The Wandering Earth" and many investors are hesitant and even have the chance to raise funds in the middle. Only Song Song, president of the Beijing culture, decided to invest in "The Wandering Earth" in almost 10 minutes. Every time too much is consumed, Guo Fan is encouraged to be under no pressure.

Wu Jing, who gave Guo Fang a lot of support, said that he was "subject" to the group, this was a guest appearance, and the result was a "string" for 31 days. Later Wu Jing not only paid for the film, but also "financed in the group" became a producer.

According to the film license for the film film "Wandering Earth", 26 production units, including old-fashioned Chinese film companies, such as Zhongying, Yingying and Shangying, as well as Tencent, Ali and Youku. The film company is starting up.


"Hard sci-fi" represents more than 30% of the total cashier

The investment was "unintentional", but it led to the treasury of the spring festival.

Guo Fan said: "Our scientific film has already begun. I hope" Wandering Earth "can not lose money, so investors and directors have more confidence to film science fiction films and form a successful circle. I hope that always more children can advocate for science and be imaginative.

Like Guo Fan, Liu Cixin, the author of the original novel "Wandering Earth", is looking forward to this film without losing money. "If you can make money, it will be very useful for the future development of Chinese movies from science fiction and will increase people's confidence. The main problem in filming sci-fi films in China is not money, but the special effects of postproduction have no experience, filming sci-fi movies, Chinese filmmakers are confronted with many problems of trust, everyone will doubt whether the director can record well? "

The good news is that real-time data from the cat show that it is from the first day to the fourth day of the new year, the entire cash box is 4.18 billion euros. The word of mouth is also positive.

In addition, Ning Hao "Crazy Alien" and Han Han's "Flying Life" overall performance is also good. The trend of the brand "Bear Infested and Primitive Era", which is mainly for the younger audience, is also a counter-attack. On the third day of the performance, he surpassed the prestigious new film Zhou Xingchio "The King of New Comedy", which is on the fourth list of one-day cash registers. And steadfastly preserve the leading role of "King of the New Comedy."

Turn around

The high price destroyed the door

After the film, eight new films of this year's festival are higher than last year's six and five previous years, becoming the most popular film in the last three years.

This year's New Year's movie reached 495,000, breaking the one-day market record of the single market in the world, compared with 392,000 in 2018, it increased by 26%, and the number of screens created the foundation for the Spring Festival. On the first day of the new year, the pre-sales cash box was as high as 710 million, which is 7.4% more than the year before, the first day of the three films was sold for more than 100 million yuan, which became an important basis for the first day of the spring festival.

However, after the first day, the trend of various films has changed. Together with the New Year's record box, a reduction in the number of people per match and high fares has also made it a slot for the audience.

According to the "movie box office" statistics hit by this, the National Box office for the New Year's day fell below 1 billion yuan mark, the New Year's box office was 922 million yuan, up 7% from the previous month, and shrunk 20 million third year last year. The number of people who watched the film fell by nearly 8 million in the same period last year, and on the fourth day of the new year, the national market was 844 million yuan, the market fell by 8.5% compared to the previous month, and since the fourth year of last year it has decreased by 24 million people. Over the same period it has decreased by more than 10 million.

On the fourth day of the new year, the national fare was further reduced, but the incentive effect of price reductions on the market is not obvious. According to the data of the cat, compared to last year, both the daily treasures and the viewers of films in the second and third grades fell. The first- and third-day cash receipts only slightly improved compared to the same period last year. In line with this trend, it is difficult to surpass last year for the entire box office of the Spring Festival. Looking at the data of the previous year, the treasury of the Spring Festival exceeded the cashier on the first day of the first month of the previous year from the first day to the third day and the third day of the previous year.

Film makers are depressed because several new films have appeared in high-definition piracy, although there are pirated copies of the Spring Festival each year, but it is still surprising that HD piracy has so far appeared. The problem of high fares and piracy is also a call for reinforcement for industry. This year's Spring Festival, a competition for each film, can only start.


Good will deserves tears and echoes to win the box

The stand for the 2019 Spring Festival will soon end, relying on the "traveling land" to become a crack, the cash register will not be ugly this year. Some people, however, are glad that people are worried, although miracles and losses are in the spring of this year, surprises and powerlessness.

This year, the local comedy movie is more and more popular, and "The New Comedy King" Zhou Xingchi is not as good as "Frenzy Alien" and "Flying Life". Because compared to the other two, "The King of New Comedy" is a really good rule. Zhou Xingchi did not play flowers at all and sincerely wishes to tell the story of a small person who is struggling. I gave up the star star and let some viewers renounce it, the title is "comedy. How can it be funny when I watch it?" On the contrary, they prefer madness "crazy alien" and "flying life", like stems that can resonate with them, and listening to Shen Teng, who says that I'm cultivating you Huang Wei.

The story of the dragon's boyfriend in the film "The King of New Comedy" is not as lively as the driver in "Flying Life", which is more interesting than monkeys in "Crazy Alien". However, Zhou Xingchi revealed his friendliness in the "King of the New Comedy", which made the work small, and this was a warm and easy job, but the people cried. With his players, Xingye tries to transfer power from the bottom of his heart, not because of the singularity and shade of personal interests.

Text / Journalist Xiao Yang


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