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Former amazone lawyers are involved in the media and the conflict in Bezos, opposite from the head of the station – Wall Street

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Former Amazonian lawyers were involved in the media and the Bezos conflict

February 10, 2019 12:29 Sina Technology



Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 10 morning news, Bezos recently issued a document accused of the parent company gossip magazine "National Enquirer" (National Enquirer) trying to "blackmail". According to Bloomberg, Bezos mentioned that the magazine sent e-mails in order to prevent him from investigating how his private messages were leaking and photographs with his mistress. Jon Fine.

Farn was a nine-year director in the Amazon book, and now he is the deputy general consultant for American Media Inc. (AMI), a parent company of national investigations, and is also on the opposite side of the former boss. In e-mail, Farn signed a contract with his former boss: the newspaper could no longer explore the privacy of Bezos and no longer published Besos and his new girlfriend, former TV director Lauren Sanchez. Photo.

When Faen worked in the Amazon library department, Amazon was convinced that the publisher had received the Kindle eBook Reader, and Faine made a great contribution to help Amazon set up a publishing department.

Later, Amazon did not do enough to criticize corporate philanthropy, so Faun developed a program for writers and literary organizations, and now he became the longest charity project in Amazon. Last year, in an interview with Seattle Times Faun, he said: "Amazon gave me the responsibility for this project, which I basically manage."

Recipients said that Faun seems to want to use his position in Amazon to help writers, even though Amazon has successfully crushed the book industry. After leaving Amazon, Faine joined the Amazon Long-Term Recipient Board, an organization founded by an independent publisher.

Farn claimed he was "the lawyer of the first amendment." At the beginning he provided consulting services for New York advertising news and entertainment television programs, such as NBC News, "Saturday Night Live" (SNL, exhibition name). In the creative industry, he laughed at the lack of creativity, and Faun once told his acquaintances that his job was to help rich people with art and bring their work to the world.

In 2000, Faun jumped from the television industry to the publishing industry as a legal adviser to the department of Alfred A. Knopf at Random House.

Faun started to take care of Amazon. Faun believes that he is only an interpreter, because, on the one hand, he is a data-based company that is rapidly evolving and, on the other hand, is a publishing industry based on personal relationships and an interpreter between them.

For many years, Faun has become Amazon's ambassador, and has often appeared before his former counterparts, from the London Book Fair to the creative digital media in Vancouver, British Columbia.

These trips had a negative impact, and in 2015 Farn left the Amazon.

He later worked in a digital media company for two periods. In November last year, AMI's largest lawyers resigned, allegedly because of a conflict between lawyers and directors of AMI, so Farn joined AMI and became an internal deputy general counsel. According to the "National Inquiries," when Farn joined, he had been investigating Bezos for several months.

Bezos has accused AMI of sending a ransom on Thursday, and if they did not agree with the terms of another party, they would reveal these unpleasant photos. Bezos said: "I decided to get up and do the cause and effect of the public, and then see what signs can be revealed." As Bezos issued an allegation, he will launch an investigation. (Xinghai)

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