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2019-01-10 17:23:17 Source: Yangcheng Evening News

"Zmaji in osem" Yang Youning plays "Heroes Qiao Feng"

The day before yesterday, the new TV series "Tianlong Ba Bu" was held in Dala, Yunnan. Yu Rongguang, Yang Youning, Wen Yushan, Bai Yu, Zhang Tianyang, Su Qing and the second debut.

Yang Youning said that Qiao Feng is something worth showing: "Before it was officially published, it was a secret that could not be said. Now my father can finally show up." According to him, Qiao Feng is the biggest hero and meat hero in Jin Yong pen, sad and real. "Shenxian Sister" Wang Yuxi plays Wen Yushan, admits that the pressure is high because the previous version of the player is her idol, the fear that I can not afford this burden.

(Wang Li)

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