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2019-01-11 16:01:14 Source: Beijing Daily

Ding Ning: Ready for major challenges

Our journalist Wang Xiaoxiao

In the first few games of the new year, Ding Ning has still won and won. In the 13th and 14th round of the women's first stage of table tennis Super League, Beijing Shougang women's table tennis was home, and lost for the 1st of August Nanchang team and the Shenzhen University team with a score of 1 to 3. As the number one single, Ding Ning " plugs "in the game, the sixth place in the personal points of Musi and the" Little Devil "Sun Yingsha, but lost to the recent state of the explosion Chen Meng.

It seems to be an integral representation of her entire performance in 2018. To sum up last year, although he won many championships such as the World Cup and won the best ITTF's competitor of the year, Ding Ning only gave a passing result. . "

Ding Yan frankly said in 2019 that he is preparing to deal with major challenges every day. "It's normal that we have problems and pain. The key is how to look at this process. It's good that we go to the ground."

From the third round of the league, Shougang women's table tennis "swam" on the ground, after a long "nine-day guest" and a home stadium that moved to Guangxi, the team finally returned to Beijing. Although they had two types when they returned to their home game, the players showed a good competitive situation. Ding Ning also expressed satisfaction with the game, even if she lost the game, she also saw positive things. "The overall understanding and adaptability of Chen Meng to the new ball is very good. Before that, I played with her." In the 14th round and Chen Menga, Ding Ning equalized the game after 0-2. "There were some adjustments in the process and the overall situation was better than before."

Ding Ning is still in the adaptation period due to a drop in capacity due to frequent changes. Yesterday, Ding Ning announced on social media that he will miss the Hungarian Open from 15 to 20 local time in Budapest. She said: "For me, aged 29, with an increasing age, the body needs to be protected, so I have to make my training and competition rhythms more rational."

Ding Ning thinks this is just a very positive year. Satisfying is not what you have achieved, but the process of overcoming problems. "For example, understanding the new material sphere, the mentality of the influence, there are problems in many respects, and I was constantly researching how to put these things in. Adjust it and find the rhythm that suits you." Including the return to the world number one at the beginning of the new year 2019, Ding Ning is not very appreciated. "I can make more progress in skills and tactics, I will be happier."

When he talked about the new year, Ding Ning smiled and said that "I never thought it would be smooth and smooth." She has been used to difficult situations for a long time. She said that her goal for the New Year was "too good" and she calmed down to collect more things.


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