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Economic observer Online journalist Zhang Yanan As a hardcore fan of Gao Xiaosong, I often think about what I would ask if I were against him.

However, this will not be a problem and I firmly believe.

So you can imagine that the third line of Gao Xiaosong, "Xiaodao" "Island Day", is sitting 1.77 meters from him and looking at the beautiful face in my heart (without rejection). When I asked the question, full of "copper smell", how much my heart was leaning.

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Gao Xiaosong, interviewed

The problem is that Xiaodao, as the head of the IP content, has landed in a physical business. Can a commercial interest in mood or IP content be offline?

The original purpose of the issue was to ensure that Xiaodao can not continue to profit and was short-lived. Anyway, I do not want to see such a result.

Xiaodao is not a pure public charity project, such as the library and Xiaoshuguan, but it's also free, while you book your Xiaodao Public, you can come to study, listen to music, watch movies and participate in various activities.

In this 350 square meter of space, 14,000 books, more than 100 vinyl records, 20 movie posters, 4 sets of IPAD + headphones, 1 big screen, plus 1 super IP Gao Xiaosong, what kind of energy will break out?

Nobody knows the answer, but everyone is full of expectations.



When he listened to Gao Xiaosong, he nodded and said, "The mind, the problem of commercialization."

Then he actually started to answer seriously: the team did not know that they would sell something and did not know how to sell it, we would make a calendar.

The calendar is also one of the contents of Gao Xiaosong, who once wrote the "historic day" for a year, ready to shape the fat.

The calendar that everyone sees is just a gift for the event, not a day-to-day storage, so there is currently no calendar in the store.

The team reminded him that he still intends to sell his book, after listening, he laughed and said: "My book is bought in Xiaodao. Other books I've seen on Xiaodao, please visit Sanlian Bookstore nearby. "

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Shrine of Xiaodao

The city of Xiaodao is a thematic area on the 9th floor of Chaoyang Joy City, and 5,000 square meters is the home of Shanghai Bookshop Sanlian, Xiaodao, Tomacado Chef, Seesaw, SUPERMONKEY Super Orangutan, BROWNIE art gallery. Fantastic X + Q Art, cooked sheets and other 13 brands.

The whole space is based on the theme of "self-growth". Shanghai Sanlian Library is a pervasive existence, other large and small shops, including Xiaodao, are scattered across the sea of ​​books.

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Stage space

Gao Xiaosong said that he is going to any place in the world, museums, libraries and universities where he will definitely go, since I heard that an open-air library was open in Los Angeles and that he would be driving for four hours.

"The space we create today is not weaker than any place in the world that loves culture, loves the spirit and loves history."

"In the future I want this place to work with everyone. I am not good at selling things, but I can provide a better atmosphere for all the space and traffic, which they say is vulgar;

Xiaodao has books, music and films, and in the future there may be drama, exhibitions and exhibitions that meet the standards of young artists. Some want to make an exhibition in Beijing and make a good drama that you can share here, as it will become the most important position for young artists. Gao Xiaosong said.


The favorite poster of Gao Xiaosong

On this day, Gao Xiaosong said most of the words from small dreams.

When he was young, he was impressed by Hard Rock Cafe (hard rock restaurant), a gathering place for European and American musicians, and Hard Rock Cafe is spread all over the world, and the store will visit guitars, letters and so on.

Gao Xiaosong would like to steal Bobo Dylan's guitar, but he failed.

Music concerts are of course at the stadium and at gymnasium, but the party will return to Hard Rock Cafe in the city, so Hard Rock Cafe is home to older fans.

Gao Xiaosong sees the shadow of Hard Rock Cafe in the vision of Xiaodao, who wants Xiaodao to collect for hardcore youngsters.

At the same time, Xiaodao is also a way of realizing the child's dream of Gao Xiaosong.

In the late eighties, Gao Xiaosong founded the bronze group, and after a night of action all looked at the stars and talked about their ideals, and Gao Xiaosong said that his ideal was to build a giant tower called bronze furniture. All the bags are loaded with things that everyone loves, the old wolves and Gao Xiaosong.


Human singer Gao Xiaosong

In a recent trip to Greece, Gao Xiaosong saw a more extreme presentation: the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens, where large and small theaters, concert halls, galleries, etc. are collected, which are mostly free, even for tolls. Very cheap, you can enjoy the drama for a few euros.

Xiaodao is much smaller than the Onassis art center: "But I still worked hard and I'm very pleased," said Gao Xiaosong.

"The original purpose of this, first I have a dream, the other is the ability. Instead of damaging the money that this thing can earn. I think Chaoyang Joy City has opened the 9th floor to such a place, I do not fully think about how much money I have to earn within me;

Personally, I do not have a thoughtful process of commercialization, including Xiao, that I started chatting with you at the beginning, I wrote songs because I have something to say in my heart. I did not think that this song would sell money one day;

Do not use emotion; this word is also used badly, because they were originally your own needs; if you need them, you will do it;

I found no strange person, what I need, what I like, and many people I like, so I started step by step from music … (in Xiaodao) I did not really choose anything special, literary youth, The above four lines of records is should be heard, including those books and films. "


Xiaodao corner

Explain why Xiaodao is such, and explain why it is now.

"I have lost that dream for many years. Even the business tide of the first two or three decades, including me, is wrapped in. Without clothes, without a head, no one wants to stop and do something together. What about this?

Unexpectedly this country and the era developed through my imagination, although many intellectuals on the road mourned and told how much things were lost, everyone slowed down and stopped, and, of course, we look back today, of course, the original purpose of mourning is good. But the way to save it is not to stop, not slow down, but go through, through these things, then everyone will think why not wear clothes, run again, you will not feel music, then come back.

Some old scientists say, do not want, do not update, or do we still not write with a brush? Now I use computers and the Internet. Programs on the Internet also began to have culture and knowledge, and the commercial space began to say that they should pay attention to these things.

After I had forgotten about this dream for many years, I thought that this time also forgot about these dreams, and that they all reunited again. "



In recent years, culture and art have increasingly entered the shopping center in various forms, but in many cases they are tricks that adorn the facade. There are, however, some great representatives who place them in content that little by little complements the consumer environment and brings a little surprise and light to everyday life.

These non-standard businesses, how beautiful are the results, pain in the process.

How does a boss's big account count if team members have created enthusiasm from scratch, what limits of responsibility match, what kind of artist and content are selected, and in what form the building team does not give any force …

Step by step is the thunder that will burst at any time.

So when Gao Xiaosong assessed Xiaodao's port team, he used the word "exciting", but anyone who knows about this process will feel deserved.

After the event I had dinner with an old friend from Xiamen when I talked about this topic, he said that the small fresh air on the side of Xiamen trade is extremely aesthetically exhausted. Nearly the name of the store, almost the same feelings, almost a small board with almost the same playful words.

After all, copying is always easier.

I can not imagine another friend who adorns the tea room in order to reach the light and the breath he wants, he used a bright transparent Japanese window paper, which is often used on the market to find "grass texture and tear resistance". Chinese handmade paper, patch windows. The most important thing is that she found it.


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