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Question: Continue to identify three main battles – the current overview of China's economic situation

The news of Xinhua Dong Jun, Wu Yu, Yu Wenjing, Gao Jing

The political office of the CPC Central Committee, held on October 13th, believed that the three main battles had already started well this year and underlined that we should continue to set up three major battles in the coming year, and in line with the established action plan, we will focus to open questions and set up a good campaign.


Make a good "stable" job and precisely avoid financial risks

Preventing and mitigating the major risks is identified as the top three main battles and is an important barrier that needs to be crossed in order to be able to build a well-functioning society in general.

Since the beginning of this year, major meetings have repeatedly mentioned the prevention and resolution of major risks. A series of regulatory policies focused on financial risks and implicit debt risks were introduced one after the other and the effects are gradually emerging –

The level of macro leverage is overtaken too fast, financial risk is generally convergent, financial chaos is initially managed, the asset management gradually returns to the client's asset management resource, the bond market is strictly redeemed in an orderly manner, and awareness of compliance with the financial institution and the awareness of investors Significantly improved.

At the beginning of the establishment of the new Committee for the Development of Financial Stability of the National Council, a meeting was held to clearly deploy and combat the main risks for the prevention and resolution of major risks, and to review and implement the three-year action plan for the prevention and resolution of major risks.

Overall, China's economic and financial risk can be controlled. However, it should also be seen that, in the context of the combined impact of internal and external factors, it is still difficult to prevent and address the main risks.

Wen Bin, China's main researcher at Minsheng Bank, said China's economic indicators were essentially preserved within a reasonable range, but pressure on the economy is gradually emerging. The meeting of the central political office has set the political tone for the next stage of economic work, and the financial sector must maintain its power, improve the word "stable" and preclude financial risks.


A solid step towards treating general poverty in the region

The National Council for Poverty Reduction forecasts that by the end of the current year China's current standards will reduce the number of poor people in rural areas by more than 85%, poor villages will withdraw about 80%, and poor lands will exceed 50%.

The central government will coordinate the entire responsibility of the province, implement the city and the district, conduct the file, fine-tune the poor, select a resident team in the village, strengthen the labor force on the front, increase investment, strengthen political action … with the joint efforts of the whole society China has taken firm measures to deal with general poverty in the region.

"At the heart of the work is 334 profoundly poor districts in the country, if work is not in place it is difficult to pull back," said Liu Yongfu, director of the National Council for the Fight against Poverty.

These industries are in the backdrop of profound poverty and work-related difficulties, work habits and lack of skills at work outside the workforce are many of them old and sick.

In the next step, the problems of poverty reduction will continue to take precise measures based on various causes of poverty.

If you have the capacity to work, encourage support for industry development or go to work, part-time work and weak labor force to encourage participation in the work of forest guards, trustees and other public services to increase income, old people and disabled people with disabilities, through social security.


Pollution prevention and control is constantly increasing, with key campaigns focused on unresolved problems.

In exchange for clean water, blue sky and clean soil, this year's preventive and control battles continued to be strongly influenced.

From the first half of the year, key areas such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the delta Yangtze, and the Yan-Ping plain continued to pursue intensive control, from the super-release of enterprises to incomplete pollution remediation, from the correction of small boilers to dust control at the construction site , and the problem of pollution content.

From January to October, the average number of excellent days in Slovenia was 81.5%, which is 0.9 percentage points more than in the year before, the concentration of PM2.5 declined year on year by 7.5%, while the PM10 concentration was yoy fell by 4.2%.

The battles for the rehabilitation of the water source, the urban black and glossy water rehabilitation, the control of pollution in agriculture and the countryside and the comprehensive management of the Bohai Sea were introduced. The aquatic environment, especially the problem of water pollution around the mass, has become the key to water control, which ensures the safety of "water reservoirs" of ordinary people.

According to Mao Shengyong, a representative of the National Statistics Office, the investment in national environmental protection and environmental management of the industry increased by 33.7% year on year in the first three quarters, and the growth rate was faster than 28.3 percentage points of all investments , which has become the focus of promoting a high-quality development of the Chinese economy.

The Central Environmental Inspector is known as the "sword" for the prevention and control of pollution. The Central Environmental Inspector officially officially started this year. The sword relates to formalism and bureaucratic issues, such as "surface correction", "conversion to repair" and "repair and eliminate", which provides a strong guarantee for the fight against pollution.

Next year, three major battles will take advantage of key points of precision and continue to strive for some problems and problems, set up a solid foundation for tackling the problem of inadequate developmental imbalances and the realization of a well-designed company as planned.

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