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2018-12-15 03:23:04 Source: Daily Diary

The first international film festival Hainan Island began in Sanji.
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On December 11th, the first international film festival Hainan Island opened in Haitang Bay, Sanya. As an important cultural practice and pilot project of the Hainan Construction Free Trade pilot zone and the Chinese Free Trade Association of China, this year's film festival brings together a number of filmmakers and high-quality filmmakers at home and abroad with the theme "Dialogue through the world of movies". The funds collected in Sanya did not only create a light and shadow carnival with the style of the island for fans, but also a Hainan cultural "gold business card" to the world.

According to reports, the first international film festival Hainan Island will open the International Film Festival, the International Producers' Forum, the New Film Promotion Conference for the Chinese Film Market, the first national promotional film animation exhibition and the Starlight Poverty Reduction Campaign between 9 and 16 December. Activities.

In an opening speech, the International Film Festival Hainan Island founded the international film festival Hainan Island in a new model of China's opening to the outside world. During this period he defined an extraordinary starting point, a height, and a strategic pattern. Sanya will give the city the power to smooth the development of a film festival and an international full-coconut style film festival for world-class filmmakers.

Many films started in the Asian Premiere

This year's film festival has set up eight test units – the Cape International Unit, based primarily on films on the island, the Tianya International Unit, based on the northern film, the Zhuhai Film Unit – China Picking – the World Excellent Film Unit, the National Rhyme – the Beijing Opera Opera Film Unit , a remarkable VR movie unit, silent silence – a quiet live movie sound, and a new Hainan unit promoting local Hainan artists will feature nearly 100 masterpieces in more than 30 countries and regions, many of which are Film that won international film festival, was first shown in Asia.

Tianya International Films are mostly from countries and regions such as Northern Europe and Russia. This window, which mirrors life in cold regions, brings a different theater experience to the audience of Hainan, who lives in tropical life throughout the year.

As the opening film of this year's film festival, the film "Arctic", which was presented at the 71st Cannes Film Festival, was first shown in mainland China. In this film, the Danish actor represents the way to a polar survival. In addition, a new film of ten years' film of Russian director Sergei De Wałva, the canal station of Samuel Yesliam, The Little Guy, shows mom in snow and ice. Heat.

Except for ice and snow Tianya International Film, Cape International has joined multicultural island films from the South East Asian and African countries to present the world coastal film. Among them, Yang Yiheng, the best director of the 30th Tokyo Film Festival, will tell a poetic journey through "Achille". The Slovak film Afar and many other film works will bring audiences with extraordinary audiovisual experience.

Film is the art of science and technology, as well as the art of painting and the art of time. Before the end of the 1920s, most of the films were silent films. The filmmakers of the silent film, in silent conditions, perfected a mature artistic editing. From December 10 to 12, Dadonghai's beach in Sanji revealed the voice of silence – the silence of a live sound unit. At the same time, the film festival will present classic mute films and make sure that musicians will record music performers and performers on the spot in order to get to know the emotions of the audience better.


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