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2019-01-11 16:30:36 Source: Prospective Network

Eonid Moroz was needed for 20 years to try to get an incredible idea: although scientists began to search for alien life on other planets, it is probably on Earth. There has been extraterrestrial life, and their biological structure and brain are very different from other species. For millennia, these aliens hide in "light and sorrow". They can reveal a lot to us, including the nature of evolution, and what kind of expectations I can hold when we finally discover life on other planets.

Neurologist Moroz first saw the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis discovery in the summer of 1995, when he just came from the United States from his native Russia. That summer he spent the Ocean Harbor Laboratory in Washington, DC, a laboratory in the successful Puget Sound archipelago, which is the intersection of tides and ocean currents. On the rocky coast, hundreds of animal species have been eaten: flocks of jellyfish, crustaceans, coral marine lilies, scorpions of scorpions, straight worms and larvae of the starfish and countless other animals. These creatures represent not only the distance of Puget Sound, but also represent the farthest branch of the animal life category. Moroz spent hours on a dock for a lab where he collected animals to study their nerves. For several years, he studied nervous systems of various animals, hoping to understand the evolutionary source of the brain and intelligence. But on Friday he came to the port to find a special animal.

He especially trained his eyes so that he could recognize in the water under the sun the spheroidal transparent body of the animal, which was glowing with the glow of blusters and blurred particles of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of hairy scales scattered in the rhythm that is being driven by these targets. This animal is known as a jellyfish and has long been considered a jellyfish. But in the port in the summer of that summer, Moroz had a wonderful discovery: the world's image of this animal was a huge misidentification. From his first experiment he found that these animals are not linked to jellyfish and are very different from all other animals on the planet.

Moroz came to this conclusion by detecting neurotransmitters of serotonin, dopamine and nitric oxide (these chemicals are considered neurological of all animals) in nerve cells of the jellyfish between scorpions. Despite his hard work, he could not find the molecules of these chemicals in this animal, and the impact of this incident is very far-reaching.

The Jellyfish was then known for having a relatively advanced nervous system, but these first Moroz experiments showed that nerve jellyfish consisted of a different set of molecules, unlike all other animals, jellyfish. The nervous system uses "different chemical languages," said Moroz. "These animals are the oceans of the ocean."

If Moroz is right, then the jellyfish is an evolutionary experiment that has been going on for over 500 million years. This independent evolutionary pathway (such as Evolution 2.0) has invented neurons, muscles and other specialized tissues that are independent of the rest of the animal kingdom and use different starting materials.


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