Yeferson Soteldo played the secret before leaving for Santos: "I do not know anything"


According to President Carlos Ursula Carlos Heller, the departure of a Venezuelan aircraft Yeferson Soteldo, a longer time has passed than Hidden Truths. Llanero would be a direct boost to the Brazilian Santos, led by Jorge Sampaoli, whose signature was explicitly requested by Casildense.

Sotelo in this way, He visited the MEDS clinic to perform stringent tests before boarding the flight to the center of São Paulo. Some media, published outside the place, consulted him on what would happen to his future. In this regard, the former Huachipato was very short: t "I do not know anything", he said, in the statements he captured

The failure of the negotiations to extend the link between Venezuela and U, Frank Daria Kudelko would be very upset, a blue coach who asked for a player loan renewal, whose letter belongs to Huachipat.

Peixe put more than $ 3 million on the Steelers table, so that the offer of the layman was completely inadequate and clearly marked as the most likely destination of the gifted Sotel.


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