Worryingly: a study showed that one in three dogs suffers from obesity in Chile PlayFM


Nutrition is one of the main causes of this.

A study by the Veterinary Medical Academy (Colmevet) showed the worrying fact: 33% of dogs in Chile have overweight or obesity.

This is mainly due to the sedentary lifestyle, while the owners of pets have less time to take them for a walk and live in smaller rooms. Poor

This figure is important if we consider that obesity in dogs causes problems similar to those that may be, for example, people diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, vascular disorders, pancreatitis, joint painamong others.

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"Pets should be turned off for at least 20 minutes every day.not walk, but to yogurt or practice ", said Franco González, a member of the responsible Colmevet commission Metro.

"Sleeping in urination for 15 minutes is not worth it, we need more aerobic exercise," he added. That's very important in mind.

But that's not all because another important point to consider is food. According to the Mars Petcare survey worldwide 25% of people were eating petsIn addition, 54% serve food every time they ask it, and 50% fills it with as much food as possible. Let's hope that you do not follow these steps and you soon change the habits of your pets.


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