WOM announces 4G and Wi-Fi calling system: it works and is compatible with these mobile phones Technology


Wom announced that he's available from Thursday 4G voice calls and Wi-Fi calls. Because the brand stands out, this advantage is twice that of the speed of calls and It will be available for plans and prepayments.

According to the latest news, 4G voice technology will provide customers with compatible equipment to make calls and receive calls via the above network, which will enable better connectivity and high quality audio quality.

In this way, the team will no longer come to the 3G or H + network when the phone call is started because it is often observed and will remain in top quality navigation.

For now, mobile phones that are compatible with this modality will have the "4G Voice" symbol on the upper left side of the screen.

Capture | Weight of paper
Capture | Weight of paper

The company reported that currently for this call service It's available on top-of-the-line phones and will reach the average segment in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, Iphone devices will be compatible with this network of calls from April 2019, due to a manufacturer's specific decision.

Motorola, the middle-class manufacturer, adds to this company, which is not compatible at this time, although it is estimated that activation of the service will be progressive.

Capture | WOM
Capture | WOM

According to WOM, the Wi-Fi service will allow people to travel abroad, Making a call through the corporate network if you are connected to the home Internet.

It is estimated that this system must function properly at least with a network of 1 to 2 Mbps.

It should be noted that activation will also be progressive between different mobile phones.


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