With the control of the controller in progress: approves the final design of the bridge over Chacao | National


By investigating the process of social evaluation in progress, Road Directorate of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) approved the final design of the bridge over the Chacao Canal.

The "controversial" viaduct, which wants to combine the archipelago in Chiloé with the mainland, will have an approximate duration 2.75 km.

Execution of the bridge It was announced in May 2012, in the first term of Sebastian Piñera and now his final plan has been approved, so it is planned that the opening in 2023.

Initiation she was not excluded from the controversy and to the objections raised by opposition organizations, a new investigation by the Republic of Slovenia's General Ministry of Social Development.

Members of the movement "Defend Chiloé"expressed their doubts about the dominant subjects, since, after their approach, the process of social evaluation of mega work took place in a limited time, as Álvaro Montaña said.

"The process of social evaluation of the project was unusual in July 2012 and did not take into account the optimal social moment in which the investment should be invested," Montaña explained.


Following the endorsement of the final plan, the extension of the 31-month term was adopted, and the completion is scheduled for a further 5 years.

Jamez Fry, seremi from Public works in Los Lagos, said that the executive body now concludes one of the most desirable processes.

The Regional Secretary marked the approval as "an important milestone in our administration" because "they commit themselves to all the last stages of the bridge, and with this signing, the process of approving a very desired model is completed", said the local authority MOP.


Project approval was carried out through wind tests, seismic measurements, tsunami studies, currents and tides, among others.

At present, the construction work is centered on a central pile with 10 final pilots, who have already finished and are working at eleven in excess of 55 meters.


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