While HIV increases in the country: 41% of calls to Fonoside are wrong or traps | National


The unusual situation was finally recorded on the free phone line "Fonosida", which has been prepared by the Ministry of Health (Minsal) for several years to clarify doubts and to inform the public about HIV / AIDS.

According to the La Tercera slogan, the numbers processed by Minsal show that they will be in 2017 of 16,000 calls to the helpline41% were wrong; especially frightening, obscene, abusive or jokes.

A worrying number of people who use this medium incorrectly could use waste for a healthcare portfolio, for example, to strengthen National Plan for HIV.

In addition, Chile is currently among the 10 countries with the largest increase in the number of HIV cases, all of which are more than 40,000 people affected by the virus, and who do not know this. From 2010 to 2017, cases increased by 96%, according to Minsal.

Regarding the calls from the State Secretariat, which explained to the officer in detail that the traps have increased since the year 2015 Fonosida (800378800) It started for free and added that in 2016 the number of snacks was even more worrying and reached 60% of the total.

"When we opened a free line to mobile phones, because before we could call only from fixed phones, we started with this problem of playgrounds. Today, about 33% of the calls we visit in Phonoside are" pitanzas "and can be categorized as obscene, terrible, offensive calls, "the newspaper said. Nicolás Alfaro, head of the Department for Remote Mine Health Assistance.

This is explained in this line by an official they have no tools in order to avoid this situation, as they can only be sent in accordance with the protocols to inform the caller that they use the line incorrectly and cutting. For example, you can not block numbers.

It also means that Fonosida has consultants who specialize in HIV / AIDS in addition to other ETS and are also prepared to lead citizens seeking information, including helping children who perform school tasks in this field.


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