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What Trump has to do with the divorce of Bezos, the owner of the Amazon

January 11, 2019 – News of the divorce of Jeff Bezos has become viral over networks and means of communication and is that the separation of the owner of Amazon and Blue is recognized by the spouses as the richest man in the world, the owner of a property, calculated at approximately $ 150 billion, not only sets him and his wife on the table, but also the splash of current US President Donald Trump and that Bezos is also the owner of the Washington Post newspaper, a newspaper that was very critical of Trump and Trump, is an intimate friend of David Pecker, head of American Media Inc ., which leads the National Enquirer the most scandalous tabloid on the gossip of northern neighbors.

National Enquirer is expected to start a tubazoo on Thursday with a story about Bezos's unfaithfulness with Lauren Sanchez, the former head of the Fox Fox station in Los Angeles, but Bezos, pampered the party and was in front of them when he issued the statement. On Wednesday, in friendly conversations.

Tabloid promised to show "unfriendly photographs that ended the wedding" with one, not two, but "11 pages of exclusive photos" because he has been persecuting Amazon's president for more than four months "in five countries and for more than 64,300 kilometers ". The publication showed that he had evidence that Bezos "brought his lover into exotic destinations in his 65 million private plane".

A tabloid, popularly known for sensational stories about Hollywood stars, not about technology billionaires. Why did you choose Jeff Bezos?

Media experts immediately established a connection with Donald Trump, as the president repeatedly criticized Amazon as a company and Bezosa as an individual. Trump repeatedly attacked Bezos on Twitter over the way his government is covered by the Washington Post newspaper, which has since been owned by Bezos.

Pecker worked with Trump and Michael CohenTrump's exaggeration, silencing uncomfortable stories during the campaign in 2016. At the same time, the tabloid on the cover presented positive stories about Trump and negative stories about their opponents.

After Trump's success Trump-Enquirer continued to participate. There were complaints, MSNBC lecturers, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinskithat the National Enquirer was used as a weapon against Trump's critics.

But the association closed visibly in April when the FBI attacked Cohen's office and listed Enquirer's records.

In August 2018, when Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign financing violations, he admitted that he worked with an unnamed director of the media company to silence the stories. This unnamed CEO is known to be Pecker.

In December, the prosecutors announced a non-punishment agreement with National Enquirer, American Media Inc., which effectively rejects accusations against Pecker and its chief executive, Dylan Howard.

Under the agreement, an undertaking must cooperate with the authorities and "disclose all information relating to the activities of itself and its managers, agents and employees in relation to all matters" which are investigated by investigators for a period or until the processing is completed.

According to CNN, stories on the cover of Enquirer showed that the tabloid left to promote Trump (or to mention) in April since last year.

This time frame seems to call into question the theory that National Enquirer is looking for Bezos because Bezos is on the Trump list of enemies.

Nevertheless, it was remarkable to see Howard, director of content production at American Media, who shared one of the guidelines of the Bezos story.

Business Insider on Wednesday published a story titled "National Enquirer, the former ally of President Trum, says he will publish scandalous photos of Jeff Bezos."

A source linked to the National Enquirer offered a different version: "It is strange to assume that Enquirer persecuted Bezos because he was perceived as an enemy, he was persecuted because he rich the world and subject to journalistic interest. "

A group of photographers collaborated with several investigative investigators, a source added. Tabloid, probably in an attempt to sell more copies, encourages this as "the largest survey in the history of Enquirer."

Another source linked to the operation of a national investigator also rejected the theory that Enquirer was trying to give Trump a priority.

"Anyone who knows that Dylan Howard knows he wants to restore credibility is his buyback for all recent scandals," the source said.

Trump, who was twice as separate, asked for news Bezos during a question and answer with reporters on Thursday.

"I wish you good luck," Trump said. It will be nice, "he added.

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