What are the benefits of 4G calls that the WOM has just learned?


We talked with the company about the differences in the applications that exist for similar functions.

A few hours ago, WOM announced that now there is a voice call service called 4G, called WiFi. However, there are still doubts about the benefits of this mechanism. So we are talking to the company.

In principle, the company mentioned that the new support will increase the speed by at least twice, it will not have additional costs and is available for pre-pay and post-pay plans. Sang Park, Terminal Manager, told FayerWayer about equipment that supports this way:

It's not just about top-notch equipment. We have equipment under 50 thousand pesos that work. The idea is that there is something inclusive. The only condition is that the equipment is compatible. Indeed, all the teams that will be released from 2019 will come with this feature (see the list of main ones here).

It must connect to a wireless connection and acts on the basis of discrimination regarding the quality of the connection to verify that the call ends with 4G or WiFi. This is adding options, so you have better quality.

Although the company mentioned that prices will not increase, there is doubt. It could have been assumed that it would be easier for an average user to use any application that allows calls such as WhatsApp to use this feature and only pay data charges. In view of this reality, Sang Park told us that the system they support is more versatile:

It has to do with simplicity. There are examples of use where discounts are minutes, but you can call fixed lines, you can use emergency services and things that WhatsApp does not meet. For example, we can call a person who has a 2G phone on a computer that only uses voice.

In addition, if it is domestic, in theory, calls typically use less batteries than an application IP voice solution. This is installed on the team's original software and if you talk about 4G or Wi-Fi, you will see the icon; This is transparent for the client.


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