"We got a player for Chilean football": a sweet revenge that César Pinares lives on UC


Minute 41 matching and César Pinares Holds the ball until Julián Fernández does not kill him a few meters from the Palestinian territory. Own Pinares leaves the ball to make a free kick and with the complete left overcrowding of Ignacio González. Trust in the purest form for a new image of the Catholic University.

The former Colo Colo reached a part 2-0 crusaders over the Arabs in the Supercopa 2019, a competition that was in the Strip's after a conquered 5-0 victory. And over his lucid goal, the 27-year-old left-handed was the number at the end of good ball handling, proper passage and high commitment to refresh the ball.

In the wins against Audax Italian, Rosario Central and Colo Colo Pinares have already enjoyed playing at the creative aircraft's location and before returning to Palestine to complete outstanding performance. The lioness has established itself as the lead author of Gustavo Quinteros and for the moment he has a Diogo Buonanotte Argentine bench.

From betting to number

After reaching the title of the 2018 national championship, the UC set out its design plan for its 2019 campus. The Fichar player's characteristic of Pinares was not a priority, but after the closure of Andrés Vilches, the sport leadership wanted to recruit. another element that could perform various tasks in the offensive.

This was the name of Pinares who was looking for a club after he did not renew his contract in Colo Colo. O'Higgins tried to add it to his team, but the UC seemed to destroy the plans of the Rancagua team.

"Cesar's thing is very pleasing to me because he really wanted to come to the UC. The costs of closing his signature, problems have arisen, but the Emperor has always privileged his desire to come, "recalled President Cruzados. Juan Tagle

"He is a player of enormous quality, I think we have gained a player for Chilean football. The desire and the desire for success is revealed in every game, and everything, as if it was created for 10 years, brings everything, "added the UC chief on the success of the Left.

Pinares again demonstrates the level he achieved in the first half of 2017 when he defended the colors of Unión Españole and became the usual name of the red Juan Antonio Pizzi then directed. After that, Al-Sharjah's poor attitude from the Arab Emirates (the second half of 2017) and a bitter return to Colo Colo came in 2018 after the end of the second cycle in the club he founded, César changed course to the UC. .


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