[VIDEO] CuentaRUT: More than 400,000 users already have a card that allows international purchases


[VIDEO]    CuentaRUT: More than 400,000 users already have a card that allows international purchases

V Chile has more than 11 million CuentaRUT cards, an account by which BancoEstado allowed anyone with a RUT to manage the card with a view, and this changes over time.

Now, the card is changing in which users can work international purchases with the change of CuentaRUT for a new debit visa offered by the bank.

That's it Vice President BancoEstado in Ljubljana Tele13 Radio, Pablo Correa, which also provided interesting data on how people incorporate this technology into their lives.

"The biggest innovation in the bank is that we change the CuentaRUT cards to make international purchases, with a debit visa, are chip cards and we are very good, we are very satisfied because Many people went to change the card, we have more than 400 thousand new cards, he said.

The replacement of the card is also free, which helps. But what did people buy most?

According to Correa, "March of new transactions, number one was playing with Google, where more money is being spent on downloading games, then Spotify, Netflix came in and so on"

Lastly, the vice president of the subject stressed that these types of changes are "a great thing", which allows "not only the banking system, but also more sophisticated services, such as international purchases".

What are the costs of a new card?

When a new plastic is received, the customer must decide when maintaining the current 300-pesos rates for each gyroscope and 100 pesos after a balance test, or to avail a new method of remuneration offered by the entity.

This option will make changes to the collection collections for those who choose to take over. For example, if a cash exemption is made at ATC BancoEstado or via Caja Vecine, the cost will be reduced from the current 300 pesos to 200 pesos.

However, the situation will be different if there will be a change in the ATMs of other banking entities. In these cases, the conversion of money will cost 480 pesos, which is 180 pesos more than currently charged.


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