Unexpected disclosure in "hidden truths" would cast doubt on real Roxane's father Social networks


Television Hidden truths does not stop surprisingly in every show, and in the afternoon this Wednesday was no exception, as unexpected disclosure showed another supposed truth.

At least this has been highlighted by many viewers following fiction and commentary on social networks when a preview of the next chapter, released on Thursday, was issued.

In one of the scenes, we see Rafael Silva and Alonso talking about the future of Rocía and her son, now that the protagonist is detained. In the dialogue, a lawyer is heard, who says that Rocio's only alternative is Alonso's refusal.You're using your situation"

Then he asked who the son is waiting for the law student, what Silvi seemed strange, but Alonso quickly accepted to explain:Because yours is not … do not look at me like that, I know you can not have children"

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This conversation surprised many viewers because they remembered the moment when Raquel learned about the pregnancy, Rocío and Rafael, that if she could not take care of the child in the past, this is difficult.

At that time, many thought that Roxana could be her daughter and lawyer; but after this revelation, it's the only likely alternative (although you never know with this television series) that the girl is the daughter of Samuel, the father of Javiera, and with whom she has recently strengthened her bond, as they are clearly united to separate Gonzalo from his daughter

Below are some of the reactions.


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