UDI Deputy Ignacio Urrutia: "The Ethics Commission is Worth Callamp" | National


UDI deputy Ignacio Urrutia ensured that MEP Emilie Nuyado did not respect the Chamber when she asked Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick in Mapudungun in the first minutes of her intervention.

In a conversation with Radio ImaginoThe representative of justice also rejected an ironic request if he spoke English.

Urrutia explained that he did this for an accident Nuyado hshe will speak in a language that nobody understood in the room, and she therefore proposed that the Secretary of State respond in English, so that she would not understand.

"This is one thing to say hello in Mapudungun, there is nothing wrong, and one more thing is to talk five minutes in Mapudungun, you will understand that all of us who were there did not understand what he said; this is a lack of respect ," he said. a man who defended Pinochet's dictatorship in a semi-circular house.

"To continue with the same lack of respect that she did, I told her "Minister, answer him in English"if I replied in English, it would have been hanged, people would be hanged on it, people who invited them to the stands would be hanged, "he added.

Deputy Emilia Nuyado

"The idea is, If the official language is in Chile in Spain, Spanish is the one to talk about. He has always spoken Spanish in the Chamber of Deputies, so he has no reason to use another language other than the official language, "he added.

Deputy Urrutia went deeper into the grounds to think about the lack of respect for the use of the language of Mapuche in the Congress and to ensure that he told the commission he shared with Nuyad that he did not know how to speak.

"For me, there was a lack of respect. She laughed at all the readers. Those who came to laugh with the chilans or authorities spoke five minutes in a language that nobody understood, "he said.

Parliament also diminished the importance of the ethics committee, which studied the sanction for its relationship with the interpellation.

"The Ethics Commission is no longer the same. They were completely distorted. It was a very prominent institutionality, which was left to the ethics commission in special parliamentary matters. Today, every parliamentarian who speaks a word that the left does not like, because the majority in this commission, is immediately transferred. Today, the Ethics Committee is worth a callamp, "he said.


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