Sunday , August 1 2021

Uber represents a long-term plan with channel initiatives

More scooters

Uber is more than just a travel request. This is an important part of his speech to attract investors at the time of preparing for the first public offer to be held this year. Indeed, some new business areas could actively discourage people from calling one of their vehicles.

Rachel Holt, director of the new mobility department, notes that customers using Uber scooters and wheels require 10% less cars through the application and in certain days in at least one market, in the heart of Sacramento, California. , more people chose Uber electric bikes than for their cars. On Friday, it plans to make available 100 scooters in the city.

Uber says that the cannibalization of his passenger traffic is part of his master plan. Just as the startup company changed the black vehicle a few years ago, it offered travel with the lower edges of UberX, now hoping to create the next change in transport.

At the same time, the growth of Uber's core business is slowing down, which means that its other incursions have become increasingly important as the IPO approaches.

In addition to investments in areas such as food delivery and freight, Uber strongly places on bicycles and scooters. In April, he bought Jump Bikes for $ 200 million.

The company was also considering acquiring the services of electric scooters Lime and Bird Rides and talking to each of them, said people close to the subject, but has not yet concluded an agreement.

On the contrary, Uber has developed its own product in recent months, producing almost 1,000 electric Jump Jump wheels per day. This year, the company had a $ 1,000 million budget for scooters, bikes and other mobility initiatives, Holt explained.

"Between January 1 and March 1 there will be thousands of jumps and scooters on the streets of the United States," he announced.

The long-term goal of the company is to enable users to demand all modes of public transport using it. This is not the only impetus with this vision. Other companies, like its rival Lyft, are also striving to integrate public transport options.

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