Tyrannosaurus rex, which was found in Canada in 1991, proved to be the world's largest company


Enforcement Tyrannosaurus Rex discovered in western Canada in 1991 proved to be the largest in the world, a group of palaeontologists said on Friday after a long process to restore their skeleton.

Named Scotty in honor of a bottle of Scotch whiskey spent in the night of his discovery, T. Rex the length of which was 13 meters and probably weighed more than 8,800 kilograms, is the largest among all carnivorous dinosaurs, said the team of the University of Alberta.

"It's rex rexes," said Scott Persons, a study leader and postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Biological Sciences at the University.

"There are big differences in tyrannosaurs, some were more long and others more robust." Scotty is illustrative of robustness, "said Parsons.

Agence France Presse
Agence France Presse

After the discovery in 1991, paleontologists removed sandstone over a decade, which covered its bones.

Only now can they concentrate on their study and check its unique features, not limited to its size.

"Scotty is the oldest known T. Rex", has lived more than 30 years, said the expert.

According to the standards of the Tyrannosaurus, he had an unusually long life. And he was violent, "he added. "There are pathologies attached to the skeleton, where the bones show the scars of major injuries."

The dinosaur skeleton will be exhibited from May at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum


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