Tumblr returns to the App Store after months


Without pornography, they achieved a small victory.

Have you released the Tumblr app on iOS? Certainly there are more people who do this, and that the application lasted several months from the App Store due to a violation of Apple rules.

It happens that due to its "soft, pornographic" nature, formed by the community, even some horrible things have escaped, such as child pornography, as Apple decided to cut it off.

Recently, he learned the drastic decisions of the Yahoo Microblogging Platform to completely remove "adult materials", and for this they supported an algorithm that turned out to be unsuccessful and kills even Jesus Christ.

Tumblr logo

Now Apple, with the social network completely subordinate and in the eyes of criticism for its decisions, gives the little hands Tumblr they leave to have their role available to Edmundo and all.

Maybe it's too late. Over time, we will know whether this was the beginning of the end for Tumblr or if the "cleansing" really worked. For now, we have a more or less large community of online people screaming in the sky to return their piece of elegant erotic, nudes, hipsterism and soft pornography.


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