Tonka Tomičič reveals the real reason why Parived does not attend the gala festival of Viña


This morning, the Chamber welcome She examined the best appearance with her animator Tonka Tomičič wearing a red carpet at the Viña Festival. All after the Las Condes festival, which will be held from this Thursday and will last until Saturday, 12 January.

In this regard, panelist Raquel Argandoña raised a question that draws attention to her participation in these cases. "Can I ask you something with respect? You prefer to go alone for a ceremony, without your husband, Marco Antonio … Do not you like him?" He said to the cheerleader.

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However, Tonka Tomičič did not have a problem with the answer and admitted that the reason why her husband does not attend is because she "does not like it".

"I think that everyone with my own fault never accompanied me, I think he used to go to dinner for me sometime, but I think that was the only time," he recalled.

The other, who expressed his doubts, was Martín Cárcamo, who asked him if it was the turn to animate the Viñamarino event.

"If a man or a person works in the media, everything is fine, but if not, is too exposed and for what?" If they see you to the hair … (points to his cheek), "he explained.


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