Thursday , August 5 2021

"Today in the night you will die": Pedro Ruminot revealed the worst day of his fight against cancer

In 2007, Pedro Ruminot faced one of the most demanding episodes of his life. A comic doctor was diagnosed with cancer, who had to face the disease, although his doctors expected a fatal outcome.

In 2019, Ruminot fully recovered those months that, according to his testimony, brought faith to God.

"I was very bad because they told me I'd die." It was so "tonight that you will die." I was in a common room at the Thorax Institute in Providence and with clean old parents who left the room each week., the comedian remembered visiting tomorrow's Mucho Gust.

"About two o'clock in the morning a cleaner came in and listened to me. She says," Why are you crying? "" Because they say I'm going to die now, "and you believe in God? And I'm" yes, but not much "," believe me " After a while, he returned and brought me a flower wreath, commented on Pedro Ruminot.

A former member of the Comedy Club said that this gesture gesture marked his life forever, so that he is still remembered as a kind of divine sign.

"I said that this was not something that happened because it was approaching, it gave me its rosary. One does not go through the rosary, but it was very impressive. I took it as a signal, it was very important, "he said.

"He was a priest, he gave me the ultimate crash, and I threw him out. I said," You are leaving now, I will not die. "Now I remember and feel bad, and then the lady came in. I took it as something too powerful and something must tell me life. There I went to God, in fact I think that I am the only one standing who believes in God, Pedro Ruminot closed his story.

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