Thus, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 came into the Nintendo switch


Notice about this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in 2019, was one of the great surprises of the latest edition of The Game Awards.

Of course, this announcement unexpectedly received more fans who, according to the expected last installment, did not expect the new title of this franchise, which ten years ago debuted.

But behind the ad, things were much less a surprise to come Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 to the Nintendo switch. As Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, said in the new IGN, the new installment of the game was made possible by the fact that the combination was a series of factors.

Fils-Aime explained this The company's previous cooperation with Koei Tecmo was positive in titles like Hyrule Warriors in Fireworks. What motivated the company to entrust development to this study Ultimate Alliance 3.

"What is happening in the development world is that there are companies that have a positive experience in working together, adding to the availability of intellectual property and repositories of their owners to do something with any of them," said Fils. Aime "And in this case, these three elements have joined together to create an opportunity for this game. "

In this case, Ninja Team of Koei Tecmo will take the lead Ultimate Alliance after Activision took over the previous game. Election, which is after Fils-Aime.

"Ninja Team del Koei Tecmo works on this. They have a lot of skills and they really helped to color the picture of what the game will be like. We are extremely excited about this," said Nintendo of America.

But while Fils-Aime is excited about the possibilities Ultimate Alliance 3 do not be enthusiastic about the fact that this new address can bring out striking versions of your hand for the Nintendo Switch in two previous installments.

"I really can not comment on this. This was not an area where we were focused on us" said Fils-Aime regarding possible remasters. "We want this game to be a great experience and, of course, with all the enthusiasts in the Marvel universe. We believe this will be a great opportunity."

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order It will be released in 2019.

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