This is today the most valuable company in the world


Microsoft ranks second with $ 783 million in market capitalization.

On January 7, Amazon's market capitalization amounted to $ 797,000 million. What does that mean? She became the most respected in the world.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Amazon, a company founded by the billionaire Jeff Bezos, became the most valuable and surpassed by three other leading technology giants.

Then, Microsoft comes in second with $ 783,000 million. And in third place, Alphabet, a holding involving Google, with a capitalization of $ 756,000 million.

In fourth place is Apple's Apple, whose market value dropped to 700,000 million dollars and ranks fourth in the ranking. Although Apple was on the verge, it seems that people's confidence in this company is diminishing.

Amazon, who began marketing books and music online, became the world's largest company on Monday, and its leader, Jeff Bezos, is considered the richest man in the world. So much so that his personal fortune is $ 135,000 million.


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