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This is the final ranking of the best-selling cars in Chile in 2018

The National Automobile Association of Chile (ANAC) published a report on the behavior of the automotive market this Friday. Although the study did not include data on the best-selling cars between January and December 2018, MT Motores had access to information and here we present you 10 vehicles that have taken the stairs in all four segments.

The best-selling vehicles

1. Chevrolet Sail

China's Chevrolet sedan has won the competitive segment of passenger cars.

the best-selling cars

In the 12 months of 2018, El Sail sold 11,161 units.

2. Kia Rio

Model hatchback and the Korean sedan ranks second with 10,342 entries during the year.

the best-selling cars

In December, yes, the model, which was restored in 2017, sold Sail (881 versus 847 units) in sales, a question that was not enough to prosecute Chevrolet anyway.

3. Kia Morning

The citycar Korean Kia also celebrates on the 2018 platform. The smallest portfolio remained in third place, thanks to 9,323.

the best-selling cars

In 2017 there was also a refreshment.

4. Hyundai Accent: 8,518; 5. Toyota Yaris: 8,445; 6. Suzuki Swift: 8,072 Hours; 7. Hyundai Grand i10: 7,842; 8. Suzuki Baleno: 6.589; Mazda 3: 5,544; 10. Nissan Versa: 4,695.

The best-selling SUV

1. Toyota RAV4

The undisputed leader of the niche of relatives is Toyota RAV4. The Japanese SUV remained in the first place with 8,492 placements.

the best-selling cars

The merit of Toyota is to get a scepter with the fourth generation RAV4, a model that lives its last days before the inevitable arrival of its successor.

2. Nissan Qashqai

Qashqai is known to be a long way behind in numbers. In the 12 months of the year, the most successful Nissan released 5,427 copies.

the best-selling cars

For the benefit of the Japanese company we must say that he is the only one who put his three models in the Top Ten. The Al Qashqai Group joins Kicks -5th with 5,093 registrations and X-Trail (9th place with 4,009 sales).

3. Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai, a brand that won third place in total sales (32,710 units), repeated the SUVs at SUV Tucson.

the best-selling cars

In the financial year 2018, the family member reached 5,370 units.

4. Mazda CX-5: 5,308; 5. Nisan hits: 5.093; 6. Kia Sportage: 4,869; 7. Chery Tiggo 2: 4.397; 8. Peugeot 3008: 4,014; 9. Nissan X-Trail: 4.009; 10. JAC S2: 3.850

Most trucks sold

1. Mitsubishi L200

The first place – as it was from 2014 – is for the flammable L200, which put 11,416 units on the streets and towns. This entry is valid for collection the first absolute place for all segments.

L200 2

As we progressed you, this year the queen of the national market will be a prime minister restyling with which he wishes to maintain his privileged position.

2. Toyota Hilux

Second place is Toyota's representative. Arrival to Chile from Argentina and Thailand collection On the scale he reached 9,234.

the best-selling cars

Although Hilux was far from Mitsubishia, she was also the runner-up of her rival, who ranks third.

3. Nissan NP300

Nissan is always intertwined on top of trucks, and its latest NP300 is set to the lowest level.

the best-selling cars

The Japanese truck has recorded 8,186 units.

4. Chevrolet D-Max: 5,100; 5. SsangYong Actyon: 4.655; 6. Mazda BT-50: 4,070; 7. Ford Ranger: 4,057; 8. Volkswagen Amarok: 2.876; 9. Ford F-150: 2.456; 10. Maxus T60: 2.334

The best-selling commercial vehicles

1. Peugeot Partner

In the advertisement with his little partner outside, the loud loud pussy.

the best-selling cars

In the letter of the PSA, 4,595 registrations were registered with the emphasis on the items of fleets and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

2. Kia Frontier

The second place is Korean Kia.

the best-selling cars

3/4 frontier put 3,561 copies on the streets.

3. Citroën Berlingo

The seat on the stage is also the French PSA group.

the best-selling cars

This is the Citroën Berlingo premium, which sold 3,084 units.

4. Foton Midi: 2,568; 5. Chevrolet N300: 2,181; 6. Hyundai H-1: 1,789; 7. Fiat Fiorino: 1,785; 8. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: 1,664; 9. Hyundai Porter: 1,432 Hours; 10. Peugeot Boxer: 1.416

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