This 11-year-old girl who raises 70 pounds wants to get to CrossFit games


ECrossFit continues to grow throughout the world, in which case it has reached the life of a small 11-year-old girl who has embarked on her father's activity that manages social networks and encourages her to continue to grow as an athlete. high capacity

Brooklynn Sittner, known as "Queen Beezy", is training eight hours a day in the gym and in one of her last shots a 72-kilogram bars was raised, which is more than twice as much as weighed.

In her opinion, her goal is to enter CrossFit games, but she has to be 14 years old. Meanwhile, he participates in childrens tournaments, where he demonstrates his ability without raising more than 50 kilograms.

The videos in which you see your training have been aroused by many users, because people should not be allowed to allow such a person to require their muscles in this way. However, most of the nearly 50,000 supporters encourage it to continue and provide support with its comments.

As if this was not enough, now little Sittner started teaching MMA and posted video clips that work in the octagon. Perhaps your love for CrossFit will put you in the future in UFC.


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