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They're developing a device that would detect cancer with just a breathing pattern

A clinical device intended detect more types cancer early testing in. t United kingdom. The initiative she encouraged. T Cancer Research UK will be tested two years to prove it, or. t incentive people can point to the presence cancer.

Call Breath biopsy it tries to determine whether useful molecules can be carried out in the air perceptions diseases. According to recent research, it is assumed that cancer It can create a different sample of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that you found from molecules produced in normal metabolic processes of the body, CNN reported Chile.

"Our goal is to determine if we can discover these subtle differences," said co-founder and director of Owlstone Medical, who developed the device, for CNN. Billy Boyle.

For that For cancer research from the United Kingdomthe project-leading entity employs up to 1,500 participants, including healthy people, to act as a control group.

In the first place, the cooperation of patients with cancer on the stomach in esophagus, in order to extend the tests to those that they have prostate, kidney, liver, pancreatic and bladder cancer.

Participants will have to breathe into the device for 10 minutes to take a sample that the laboratory will analyze. Owlstone Medical v Cambridge. This will allow the identification of signals cancer They are similar or different, in addition to how much time is needed to detect them.

If some participants develop during the study cancer, your samples will be compared with samples of those who do not develop the disease.

"We urgently need to develop new tools, such as this breath test that could help detect and diagnose cancer before this, they give patients the best chance of surviving the disease, "said the professor Rebecca Fitzgerald, the main researcher of the study Cancer Research UK Cambridge Center.

Accordingly, the co-founder and CEO of Owlstone Medical, Billy Boylein Cancer Research they agree that if Breath biopsies are successful because they are used in the practice of doctors to determine whether patients should be referred to other diagnostic tests. "With this clinical trial, we hope to find the necessary detection tests cancer before that is the next key step in the development of this technology, "he said. Fitzgerald in the statement.

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