They identify the mechanism that causes scratches


EFE / Washington

A group of scientists has identified a mechanism of the brain that causes people to scratch the skin, a finding that can help to find effective treatment against chronic itching.

The team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, led by Yan-Gang Sun, has shown that the activity of a small subgroup of neurons located in the deep brain region, called periaqueductal gray, follows the behavior of scratching in mice.

There is still no effective treatment for chronic itching, which is largely due to our limited knowledge of the neural mechanism of the pictorial, Sun's argument.

The main author of the study believed that this discovery provides a platform for deciphering the treatment and modulation of picases in the brain.

It can be caused by a wide range of causes, including allergic reactions, skin conditions, irritable chemicals, parasites, diseases, pregnancy and cancer treatment.

The scratching cycle, according to experts, can significantly affect the quality of life and cause serious damage to the skin and tissues.

The researchers analyzed neurons that move freely and who were induced to scratch through injections with histamine. The behavior caused by picazn triggered the activity of a particular charge of neurons producing a neurotransmitter and a neuropeptide called tachykinin.


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