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They filter the messages sent by their founder to their pet

Amazon is involved in controversy after it was found that its founder was unfaithful to his wife with the rapporteur.

Jeff Bezos, founder Amazon and currently, the richest man in the world he was therefore involved in the disputeand filtered the messages and photos he sent to his pet.

Before you think this is a newspaper, we need to clarify this this is important because it can affect the image Amazon and for the same reason, loss of millionaires, as well as negative consequences in different parts of the world.

Amazon Jeff Bezos

When we explain this, we go straight to the ghost.

Jeff Bezos announced his divorce after 25 years of marriage with MacKenzie Bezos and everything went normal until it was blue, The day after, they talked to Jeff and his lover and risky photos sent by Jeff.

This has had a big influence in the media, as it is It turned out that the lover was a close friend of the Bezos couple. Journalist Lauren Sanchez.

On the other hand, however Lauren was a bride to her husband with Jeff Bezosa, the man who happens one of the most powerful Hollywood agents, Patrick Whitesell. As you can see, it's the whole hare eggs beautiful people.

Amazon Jeff Bezos

In the messages that went in There are things that out of respect for you and I will not put here. But these are very clear messages that include descriptions of the sexual act. Yes, it's more than clear that Jeff gave him a good "Bezos".

It remains to be seen what the consequences will be for the most important page for the millennia and how this will affect in the world of internet sales.

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