They discover a gene that needs to be deactivated to eat what you want without getting weight


At the University of Flinders in Australia, a group of scientists found a new gene that would, if we disconnect it from our body, cease to gain weight. That way we can eat everything and do not get fat.

The gene identified is RCAN1, known as the calcinurin 1 regulator. An experiment was performed with mice and their results are compatible with the human body. During the investigation, mice were also exposed to fat-rich diets, and did not get heavier because the metabolism increased throughout the body.

Apparently this study can be great for people who suffer from a disease such as morbid obesity, because they would have the opportunity to eat everything, without difficulty in gaining weight.

"We know that many people are struggling to lose weight or even control weight for various reasons"& # 39;, & # 39;"The findings could mean the development of a pill designed to inhibit the RCAN1 function, which can lead to weight loss""said Damien Keatingel, chief researcher of this scientific study.

Scientists are in the process of creating a RCAN1 inhibition drug to increase calories and thus reduce the storage of fats in the human body.

But nature is intelligent and although we see ourselves with "a few kilograms more", it is truly positive, as the "reserves" created by our own organism, and if we did not have it, it would be a problem for our health.


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