They confirm the presence of chicken goats in a cup that endangers condoms – National


They confirm the presence of chicken goats in a cup that endangers the condom

The bird was saved by an agricultural and livestock office in Antofagasta. Experts emphasized that the disease affects only the birds. Tvn


A Jote de cabeza colarado in a bad situation was saved by the Agriculture and Livestock Service from the MOP building in Antofagasta.

The bird was transferred to the Center for Rescue and Animals Studies (CREA) at the University of Antofagasta.

Different studies were conducted in the center for understanding the source Strange and huge bulge at the top of the top.

"We worked with doctors Paredes and Moroni from the University of Australia, where a diagnosis of avian black goats was confirmed and bibliographic records of other cases of species related to iota that have been shown to be susceptible to this virus were attached" explained Carlos Guerra, Director of CREA, a Cooperative.

There are only three examples of birds of the black goats in the red head, and this is the first case in the southern hemisphere.

Veterinarian Mauricio Mora stressed that this meant "The most direct risk is for other redheads. Some of these birds are migratory and can spread the disease. But the literature warns there is a risk of infection by other related wild birds with jocks that present a risk, for example, for condor and other related species ".

Big birds affect only birds and people do not have the risk of infection.

CREA experts are urging authorities to pay attention to infectious diseases of wild birds.

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