Thursday , August 5 2021

They beat Mayweather's father with just a few bumps

He was an important boxer of the '70s and' 80s, but he still has fun in the ring. Floyd Mayweather Sr., Father Floyd Mayweather Jr., received some blows in his face during the amateur fight in the training ring and fell on the canvas, causing the surprise of those who were on that spot.

The dispute challenged 35 fights, won 28 (17 KOs), lost 6, and equaled. They do not have an insurmountable record as his son (50-0), but they know him in the boxing world, which was not enough to overcome his opponent, whom he was confronted with playing. Floyd's father threw shots that did not reach the rival, and vice versa. This made him lose the balance with a former boxer who had finished on the canvas by up to two strokes in his face.

Those who were around the ring were surprised by the fall. It was not expected that the game would end with Mayweather's fall.

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