They are all locked up, and Chile has introduced a sanitary barrier: proclaim the Argentine people for the entire quarantine following the death wave and the infections caused by Hanta


Three dead and seven people were infected in just 24 hours. It is the city of Epuyén in Argentina, which was baptized as "people in mourning" after it was declared a complete quarantine for the Hunt virus.

The small town of Cordilleran, located between Chubut and Rio Negroma, has completely empty streets and the people are locked in their houses. Nobody talks to anyone, and neighboring areas are afraid that the cases will be multiplied and the disease will overflow.

Even the Health Service in Los Lagos has introduced a medical barrier after a 29-year-old Chilean girl arrived in Palena, infected with the virus after a few days in Transdanubian soil. At this point, Epuyén is only four hours away from the national community.

This was confirmed a few days ago by the head of the department of epidemiology at the Ministry of Health, Johanna Acevedo, who called the matter "exceptional" when it happened in another country.

Meanwhile, the Argentine authorities recommend to all those who, for some reason, have to attend Epuyen to wear masks and are constantly washing their hands with soap.

"He's brave"

In the midst of the situation faced by rural residents, the inhabitants of neighboring cities are attentive to everything that happens a few kilometers from their homes.

"They say it's brave that we are in a holiday camp, but they tell us that everything started at a party," said two young people from Neuquén.

And the description of how the "bravo" atmosphere in Epuyen is obviously true, according to the votes of local residents. And this is evident on the streets: in the past summer streets were full of tourists, but now they are practically abandoned.

This is because doctors believe that Hanta infection can be given orally among people. In this sense, they believe that the strain could mutate and can travel today in the evaporated saliva.

Such closure is not the only obstacle in this area, but they can not speak quietly of fear that any conversation can be fatal. "We can not embrace, we doubt he's sick," said the neighbor.

"Everything was broken in this place, in hours, the most typical of Argentina, which are so communicative, broken, end," says Colombian Juan Pablo, who believes that the city has died at least this summer.

And it may be true, as restaurants, hotels and businesses are almost all closed. "The sadness of the people is huge, it's very difficult to be here not only for Hanto, but also because people are very bad in the spirit," concluded the man.


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