They accuse the aggressors of the wizards Valdivia and Daniele Aránguiz


What a meeting with friends, where beer, wine and sparkling wine revived the conversation, ended in a scandal involving aggression and threats.

Or at least this is what is being investigated by the Eastern Prosecutor's Office today following a complaint by C. G. R to the officials of the seventeenth commissioner, Las Condes, in which Jorge Valdivia and Daniela Aránguiz are taking part.

According to a report by the police, to which La Cuarta came, the events began after an hour in the morning and took place in a prestigious hotel in the aforementioned district.

Even the most exclusive bar in rooms, where you can access it only with a special card and in a private elevator, came "Magician", his wife, two men and another woman. They quickly settled in a privileged table and started collecting.

But the night left the diners and the conversation began to rise.

It was when they were present in accordance with the rules of the audience presenters that they could apply for the closing round for the completion of their accounts. Something that Daniel tried to do immediately, but this was not possible because men decided to take another dose. The thigh, as they say in the south.

Error Is this in a letter written by men in green, you can read that the persecution started here. A scandal that the couple could bring to court as "Magicuica".

It is that Aránguiz grew up and when the time came to pay the bill, it irreparably exploded.

In his complaint, Jorge and one of his friends (about 40 years old) talked about a woman while they took their tickets with half the costs. The dialogue crushed by Mr G. R., and this caused Valdivia to break everything with 'do not be an unjust man, the lady listened to you'.

The words for which the morning panelist exploded: Daniela grabbed a police officer in the room and asked her if she wanted her husband to make a décor sex drive, as stated in the text that is in the said police station.

After exchanging statements and at all stands, the dancer would also try to attack a waitress and here the idol of the albos intervenes. The piece sent to the judiciary talks about the elbow of the "wizard" to the garzone and then the pressure. "After that, he tries to take my hand, squeezes my wrist and starts demanding shouts and insults to drive me from here", it is possible to read in the testimony of the alleged victim.

The next is a number of threats and the departure of these two well-known members of the national aviation, which were set up from an unknown target. In the meantime, the telephone number of the police station Las Tranqueras 480 began to ring to receive the charge.

Then the official staff went to this hotel center to collect testimony and everything that was signed with the stamp.

After that, the investigative agency was informed and immediate action was taken. One of them was asking for pictures of security cameras at the facility, which they would deliver yesterday and start testing.

Moreover, Mr G. R. was informed that he would be invited to repeat the statements he made in his complaint and which we have just reproduced so that an appropriate legal process can be initiated.

We must not forget that this is not the first confused fact that the gifted ones are selected at the hotel. In July 2007 he played in "Puerto Ordazo", in the complete concentration of Chile and where he was charged – with other actors – throws ham and sexual initiatives.


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