These are the news of Google's assistant on CES 2019


News from Google Assistant to CES 2019

CES 2019 had its first day. Some of the most important actors in the technology sector were present at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Nevada, United States). Google was the exclusive protagonist of that day.

Global search giant posted news that will reach the Google Assistant, his virtual assistant, along with better interaction with smart home objects. Also, New features for frequent travelers have also arrived.

Now the Google Assistant will be able to performs registration on all our years, Bring us a hotel, be our interpreter in improve the functionality of our locked screen, as emphasized by the publication of the company's official blog.

New features of Google's frequent flyer

News from Google Assistant to CES 2019

Google Assistant included functionality for frequent travelers for several months, like improving your Artificial intelligence in order to anticipate flight delays and immediately inform users.

Now, within CES 2019, he announced a series of novelties that will provide tourists or frequent travelers with a possible solution to their daily travel problems. For example, Google Assistant not only they will be able to do our work registration I'll tell you automatically, but also will show us our Google Payments entry voucher and they will be able you can book in a specific hotel and show us the prices and availability of rooms. Reservation can be made confirm through Google Pay, your payment tool.

News from Google Assistant to CES 2019

Unfortunately, this new Google Assistant feature they will first be available only in the United Statesbecause Google wants to test the service with a small group of hotel-related hotels and local flights. Anyway, this is also a confirmation new functions will soon be released to other regions of the world.

Now our assistant will be our interpreter

Google's work with the assistant did not end only with the news that was already published. Michel Bronstein (vice president of the company's product) announced that in the coming weeks he will reach Google Home and all smart screens that use the assistant "Interpreting mode", as highlighted in the second publication of the company's official blog.

This new feature will enable users use Google Assistant as a translator in real time, because with one voice command we can show that it is ours Interpreter. For example, we can use it in conjunction with Google Home for immediately translate any conversation that takes place in the hotel room. The function is currently in the initial phase, so the result is not necessarily the same as you would like.

Google Assistant can be our interpreter on devices like Google Home or smart displays

Other innovations presented by Google include the upgrades introduced in Pixel 3 for you can access some Google Assistant features without unlocking your phone and now they also come to other mobile devices who use it Also announced by the developer new integration of the Assistant with Google Maps take advantage of its features sometimes, like driving a car.

Lastly, Google also announced "Connect", one platform so that manufacturers of devices designed for an intelligent home can easily integrate Google Assistant and this way to contribute to the development of more and better facilities and. t gadgets who work with our houses.

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