These are retail cards that best and worst respond to the claims of their customers Economy


This Friday National Consumer Service (Sernac) She identified the behavior of businesses that issue retail credit cards to consumer complaints in the first half of 2018.

In this area, the change was minimal compared to the previous period that perceived this 39.2% of applications had a negative response or were not answered by companies, while 50.8% had a positive response.

The tickets that were poorly stopped were according to Sernac CMR Falabella (Classic / Visa / Mastercard) with 57.2% of unfavorable answers, and Fashion Park, with 52.2%.

On the other hand there are cards Krona my solution, with 16.7% of unfavorable answers, and Salcobrand / Preunic, with 17.9%.

In addition, they emphasized ABCDIN e Hites, where their negative response almost doubled.

Finally, combining the level of claims and an unfavorable response was the worst final behavior Polar with Plus, Blanc and Visa cards, reached 12.9 points; follow Head Mastercard / Presto, with 10.7 points; in ABCDIN / Visa, with 10.1 points.

Opposite, Fashions Park had the best score, scoring 0.6 points; It followed Tricot / Visa (1.5 points); and thirdly, Salcobrand / Preunic (1.7 points).


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