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The young man, raised in the 18th anniversary when he was 18 years old, was raised in the family against the vaccine of Mama and his fathers


For years, vaccines have eradicated the diseases that were decades before the death. This lack of risk of infection and ideologies that are far from science has led, in recent years, to the growth of anti-infectives who were aware of the possible side effects of immunization without the scientific basis that supports it. Ethan Lindenberger from Ohio was born in a family who did not believe in the vaccine, but rejected them, according to what he said last weekend on the American Public Radio Network (NPR).

They were not cleavage with measles, rubella or chickenpox. You are welcome. Because of all this, this teenager has decided to celebrate her 18th birthday and will face complete immunization. "All injections that my mom did not let go, I've been wearing all my life," advocated the young man.

The teenager revealed that his mother did not believe in the vaccine because she had seen information on the Internet that linked them to autism and brain damage. "My parents believe that vaccines are kind of government machinations." It's really silly and I had more than one discussion on this subject with them. But, because of my convictions, I have never been vaccinated or anything, only God knows how I live, "wrote a young man in Reddit, the BBC reports.

A few days ago, Fernando García Sala explained to the media the importance of vaccination: "Children are those who infect adults, so it is recommended that you first vaccinate them, so you have to follow the vaccination schedule, do not skip. Remember that vaccinated children are rescuers of those who are not, but As soon as the balance turns to the other side so that they can not protect them, it turns out that the diseases we believed were eradicating the return, as is the case with measles in France and Italy. You do not have to relax.

True, he continued that "anti-vaccines have a great presence on social networks, where they create myths about large discussions about vaccines, full of false news, such as vaccines, including autism. It's not true, vaccines save lives.

"It is time to protect, after the announcement of emergency measles in Washington – this year health authorities have already recorded more than 50 measles cases -" he continued. "Now I will finish high school and I have a car and I have earned my money." I suppose I could get them myself, but I did not discuss anyone on this topic. I'm afraid to go somewhere and charge me more than I need. Every advice would be great, "the young man asked on the Internet. He got information and found that vaccination could be an adult.

My mother always knew that I disagree with her. I thought it would happen to me, but it was not like that. When I started exploring the topic, it was increasingly evident that there is solid evidence for the benefit of vaccines, unlike what she believed, "he added on the radio. The latter showed the young man's decision as an act of rebellion. Ethan, he still has a lot of vaccines for this month, "people need to be really informed. You need to know that you have to immunize your children, because they're dying because of a disease that practically no longer exists," concluded the teenager.

5 Valencia Pediatric Society:

Vaccines do not cause autism: One of the most common myths is that vaccines cause autism. "This is the result of an erroneous study that was published in 1998 and linked the vaccine against measles measles. This has caused panic and a drop in vaccination rates across Europe, but scientific evidence today shows that there is no connection, "say pediatricians from Valencia. A recent study published in the magazine JAMA Pediatrics, shows that parents of autistic children vaccinate their children in a much smaller proportion than the rest of the population, and that this pattern is taken into account in younger siblings and children of autism.

Vaccine-preventable diseases are almost eradicated in my country, so I do not have to split. This is wrong because the diseases against which the vaccines are returned will return if the vaccination programs cease

It's better to vaccinate children when they are older. This is incorrect because children are vaccinated at such a young age because they are at the most exposed to certain diseases.

Immunization for illness is better than for vaccines. This is also incorrect because vaccines create a response similar to that which would cause a natural infection, but they do not cause disease (they may spread slightly), nor expose the vaccinated person to the risk of possible complications, as could happen with a natural infection. .

Vaccines have dangerous side effects that are not yet known. "This is wrong because most reactions are usually mild and temporary, for example, painful or fever, serious complications are very rare. The benefit of vaccination goes far beyond the risk of harmful effects," says the doctor.

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