The Volkswagen Jetta GLI brings fresh air to the sporty limousines


Although this year will not be as flexible as Volkswagen in 2018, this does not mean that the German company took this year with a release. The premiere will be of a more strategic nature, and attention will be focused on continuing growth, despite the already announced general market contraction.

Therefore, niche models will become increasingly important, and that is where you can make a difference in delivery. "Volkswagen Chile is the only brand in the region that has one of the most complete and robust lines, with Touareg, Atlas, Golf R and Jetta GLI being unique premieres that are not yet present in other markets and allows us to have an offer, which meets the needs of Chile, "said Mario Valdovinos, director of the brand in the country, a few minutes before discovering the expected sports sedan Jetta GLI.

"With this model we do not want to generate quantity, so we hope to sell 50 units a year. What we like is to offer our customers what they are looking for in our brand," added the CEO.

And what's better to do with a model that adds 35 years of life to 2019 and has already become the classic sports limousine of a German company.

Jetta style GLI

The Jetta GLI comes to our country for several months after its official presentation at the Chicago Motor Show and differs from the usual version (which started in the last quarter of 2018 in our country) with various design elements and electronic equipment and comfort, without forgetting to its powerful engine, the same as that taken by the Golf GTI, and this allows it to achieve exceptional performance in different driving conditions.

Maintaining the dimensions of the normal Jette, in the GLI, we find a body that is lowered by almost a centimeter. In addition, the details in red on a wider and more aggressive bumper, GLI emblems and red jaws are visible through 18-inch wheels, supplemented by a double sports exhaust.

For this limousine up to 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds, a well-known 2.0 TSI block of 230 Hp, with a torque of 350 Nm was used, along with a six-speed DSG gearbox that sends force to the front wheels. .

The Jetta GLI's sportiness is also provided by incorporating electronic progressive steering, for better sensitivity, the use of 13.4 "(from Golf R) front wheels, optional driving mode (Normal, Sport, Eco and Custom) and electronic GTI differential, which prevents underruns .

As far as equipment is concerned, this model that competes with the Subaru WRX and Honda Civic SI stands out for six airbags, a safety camera, an 8-inch touch radio, an Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatible, flexible ambient light, aluminum pedalboard, more chrome accents and a powerful sound system Beats.

The Jetta GLI will be sold in one full version, equipped for $ 20,990,000.

What comes next for Volkswagen in 2019

Although market data are not quite favorable, they are optimistic about what is anticipated for this year in Volkswagen. Mario Valdovinos, director of the brand in the country, says that "we are currently planning to maintain growth, just like last year, an increase of 7% compared to our 2018 results, with a market share of 4.1%.% By the end of the year. "

For this they will rely on a consolidated network of distributors and dealers and a robust catalog that will add new versions of the automatic gearbox for the Gol and Voyage models in the coming months, in addition to including the expected T-Cross, which will appear in the second half of this year local streets to complement the SUV series.


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